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Mayor-elect Greg Ballard is receiving reports from his various transition team committees on operations concerning the city of Indianapolis. I jokingly say it’s like giving the city getting an enema. And the more I hear about the committees’ work and what they’ve found, the more apt that metaphor.

This city is in bad shape, folks. Much worse than a lot of people, including myself, could have ever imagined. Here are some examples.

At the Department of Public Works, there was no basic maintenance plan for upkeep of the fleet. More than a third of the city’s salt trucks are in bad condition. And there are serious questions about our salt supply.

The number of dropped calls, ones that never get completed because the person hangs up, to the Mayor’s Action Center was described as “outrageous.”

There are city workers who have take home cars and law enforcement officers who need them.

There are serious management issues in the Indianapolis Fire Department.

There are “concerns” at the Airport.

There are city employees who haven’t had raises in five years.

And while small, but significant, once a pothole is reported, the city has no time deadline to get it fixed.

These are just the tips of the iceberg. I think a major audit of this town is in order.
A spokesperson for the Ballard team would not comment on the specifics of the transition committee reports, only to say that the Mayor-elect is going to set standards and hold individuals accountable.

Good luck, Mr. Mayor-elect. From the looks of things, you’re gonna need it.

  • SOS

    There is nothing new about this – everyone in the city gets distracted (many unhappily) by the “big” projects, that they have to provide short shrift to the basics. Meanwhile the city follows the same policies of transferring potential revenue to mostly wealthy developers. If tax abatement and TIFS were so well, wouldn’t we stop needing them eventually? Wouldn’t the wonderful free market that developers etc. talk so longingly about (when not asking for a handout) take over and create paradise in Hoosierland?

  • Leon Dixon

    If the new Mayor will be as transparent as the last City budget in Muncie is, then, by being intelligible he will find all sorts of citizen talent to come in and help him. I’d be curious to see the tax abatement and TIF details and suspect that while long complained of by some, in proportion to what has been covered up and done uneconomically they will be small beer.

  • varangianguard

    Maybe it’s time for a “manager” to run the IFD operations, instead of a firefighter?

    Somehow, I really think that the institutional problems endemic to the IFD will be very difficult to overcome in a short period of time (like four years).

    Like the IMPD, a B-I-G turnout of the entrenched (and mainly partonaged) command structure would be a first positive step. The command “pyramid” is out of balance which causes a host of associated problems with the bedrock of the organization carrying out their basic mission in an effective manner.

  • arnie

    We need a tax raise.

  • Fuzzy Curmudgeon

    No, we need deep, meaningful spending cuts pretty much across the board, except in public safety, and we need to stop giving away tax abatements.

    Put a tourniquet on this spurting money artery once and for all.

  • varangianguard

    (I think) arnie was joking…

  • arnie

    Joking but….

  • http://wedeclare.wordpress.com/ Andy Horning

    Ballard needs some Libertarians to come in and clean house.

  • Put up or Shut Up

    Abdul: Straight question demands a straight answer: Are you the person responsible for IndyUndercover? Ruth H.’s work and the work of the police force would indicate that you are…

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com Hoosiers For Fair Taxation

    Andy is right. Although I’m a Libertarian I don’t care what they call themselves, as long as they are true servants to the rule of law and the Constitution. The activists made recommendations about three people we want in Ballard’s administration. I sent notice to John Cochran to make sure Ballard got our message. We posted the recommendations at http://www.HoosiersForFairTaxation.com

  • varangianguard


    Did you apply??

  • Abdul-Hakim

    Hey Put Up,

    The people who pissed off the cops are the one who are responsible for Indy Undercover. By the way, did anyone ever check on the legality of the search warrant and what would have happened if they had come into my place and taken my computer? Let’s put it this way, I would have never have had to play the lottery ever again and you taxpayers would have footed the bill.

  • doug

    What a shock…Abdul, it’s no surprise the budget has been a problem!!!!! Remember Mayor Peterson saying that he was cutting the budget but not trying to cut city services?

  • Jeff

    How about just balancing the city county budget and providing some transparency and accountability?

  • BR

    So, does this mean we need to spend more!!!???

    That there really isn’t much place to “cut” cuz we been cutting back on all this maintenance and worker bees all along?

    Did you get that feeling? I did.

    This sounds exactly like the kinds of comments from someone who said “we’re gonna cut waste” and then a bunch of transition people get in there and explain that to keep the city running they way they want it run, you are not only going to not be able to “cut” but you need to SPEND MORE! Because everything is falling apart and there aren’t enough people, blah blah blah for “basic services”

  • Put up or Shut Up

    No answer yet Abdul…

  • Hey

    What exactly is a mess with the management at IFD. Other than the fact that they seem to think they can do EMS.

  • Hailey

    Could you post a copy of that seacrh warrant on your site?

  • Shorebreak

    And people want to consolidate? I’m only one man, but I just don’t get it. For what “real” benefit?

    FYI, some groups are disengaging as a result of government, not consolidating.

    You probably haven’t heard the following tidbit, because it’s not the kind of propaganda that FOX, CNN, Gannet etc like to report, but if you’re looking for a tax-free place to live, you might try “Lakota”.

    It’s the new country located in parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. It was formed this week when the Lakota Indian Tribe unilaterally withdrew from all treaties this week and began to seek formal diplomatiic relations with other countries.

    They’re issuing passports and drivers licenses, and they’ve announced “No taxes”.

    Here’s the link:


    p.s. Is anyone even surpised that the mainstream media has kept silent on this? If we hear anything at all, it’ll probably be that the Lakota Indian leadership has been imprisoned for running a child porn ring, or something of that nature. And 99.99% of Americans will go about their day believing that justice was served, with no clue regarding what really happened.

    But anyways, for those who want to get away from property taxes, a solution is within a days drive. If you see large groups of military as you get closer, take my advice – turn back. They’re probably not on a training mission.

  • JW

    That wasn’t a direct answer by Abdul, but he’s stated in numerous places on this blog and on his show that he told the people who did that blog what to do and how to do it. Does that mean he was involved? Probably to a degree, but we will never really know exactly because Abdul is old school in that he does not throw those whom he considers his friends under the bus or burn bridges unnecessarily. I suspect he’ll continue to take the heat that’s coming his way until the issue runs out of steam then move on. It’s that kind of loyalty on his part which will save his ass later on when those whom he’s protected this time around have a chance to return the favor in some way or provide him with access or information that he needs.

    For those who can’t figure it out and want him to admit his level of involvment for their own personal satisfaction I say get a life and a clue. What he’s doing now by taking the brunt of the heat for IndyU goes to the core of the first rule of self-preservation in the world of media/politics/corporate management; getting the heat off himself in the short term hurts him (his credibility, his access to information or people, his personal relationships, etc.) in the big picture. Just drop it.

  • garry mooore

    abdul, could you please comment on all of this talk about you and indyundercover? i for one don’t care if you were involved but it sure seems that some are making a big deal about it. your comments could maybe put this to rest. thanks

  • varangianguard

    Shorebreak, that Lakota thing was at least on Fox this AM.

    No treaty? No problem. That means no access across US airspace to/from Lakota Looneyland and closed, fenced land borders patrolled by heavily armed soldiers. After all, technically, by breaking the treaties the Lakota return to a state of war with the US (and hey…haven’t they beeen whining about treaty breakers for dog’s years? That’s a double standard!).

    Since they don’t acknowledge any treaties with the US, then the US cannot accept their passports, cannot allow foreign nationals (or US citizens) to cross from US territory into Lakota Looneyland, and cannot allow any international trade to cross the borders in either direction either.

    Maybe, Russell Means’ acting salaries will keep the new nation afloat? Oh wait, that in US currency which won’t be able to be exported into Lakota Looneyland.

    So, if you want to go their (as a foreign national), better hurry before you get arrested trying to cross their borders illegally (and wouldn’t that make Y-O-U an illegal immigrant??)

    Russell Means is just looking for a Venezuelan handout and some free press. Other than that, he’s been watching too many Michael Moore/Al Gore movies.

  • varangianguard

    Oops! I’m wrong. The Lakota Looneylanders will welcome all immigrants who give up their US Citizenship.

    Most of their expanded land claims overlap Ted Turner’s lands. I suppose, liberal that he is, he’ll just turn over the land without any fuss.

    Of course I have yet to find a mainstream Lakota site that is trumpeting the news from Russell Means. Hmm. I wonder what that means?

  • JW
  • JW

    Read the link above with an objective mind and you’ll come to a VERY interesting conclusion about Abdul’s impact on politics in this city. The city spent 6 months and enlisted the help of the FBI to get rid of IndyU, yet in those same six months how many disturbing crime trends were reversed or even stagnated? If anything, they got a lot worse. So, using simple logic, IMPD went after a blog that aired it’s dirty laundry with vigor while everyday crime was handled poorly. . .sounds like an investigation that started at the top. Don’t you just love politicians and the lengths they’ll go to to stay in power?

  • anonymous

    Hey you lunatics who want to talk about IndyU go start your own blog. Stay on the top this is critical to our city!

    As for the State of the City, I don’t care WHAT political persuasion is, anyone who can help clean up the Peterson mess would be appreciated. I am betting it will get uglier around here before it gets better.

  • Shorebreak


    Trust me – I have NO interest in joining any Lakota mis-adventure. I was being somewhat sarcastic.

    But it is interesting that FOX aired the event – thanks for the update. It reminds me that there is a shred of credibility remaining.

    As far as the indyu thing goes, I have one comment:

    If Abdul was involved, does anyone really have any recourse? What difference does it make, other than giving people an excuse to trash the guy for doing something that needed to be done?

  • http://bartlies.com Bart Lies

    It’s been called ‘The Mayor’s INaction Line’ for years and for good reason.

  • Ralph


    How would you have gotten around official immunity, especially given that officers were working off of a warrant? That’s a pretty basic concept. Is that why you’re not practicing law in Indiana?

  • anonymous

    *sigh* I love shorebreak

  • Local Lawyer

    Ralph, law enforcment officers have immunity in only certain circumstances. And there is no immunity for actions that are considered wanton, reckless, or in disregard of the law. Police officers get sued all the time. And having a search warrant provides only a small level of protection. If it can be established that the warrant was not obtained in good faith (for example the affiant lied or misrepresented the facts in the supporting affidavit) then there is no immunity at all. Perhaps your knowlege of Indiana law is not what you think it is.

  • StatlernWaldorf

    Once again, the bait and switch/smoke and mirrors people of the 25th floor are trying to turn attention away from the actual issue. This is just like was done by them on IndyU.

    The issue is the corruption and bad fiscal management of the outgoing administration and how deep it goes. “Put Up or Shut Up” is simply another one of the “can’t let Bart go” crowd trying to divert attention from his savior…..who will be off the 25th floor on January 1st.

  • Really

    Blah blah blah…
    Every administration regardless of state/local/federal level ALWAYS tells the public (when a new executive takes office) that everything is so screwed up. The budget is so screwed up. This is screwed up, that is screwed up. Bart said the same thing with he took over for Goldsmith. Bush said the same thing when he took over for Clinton. The concept/rationale is this. If the city/government was running at full efficency and effectiveness, then the incumbent would always win. Additionally, if the new executive was to take office and say, hey things were running great, that is not newsworthy nor politically dilligent. Each new executive creates a so called “crisis of confidence” in order to justify his or her campaign. Based on the crisis, goals are set (whether they are needed or not) and get accomplished under the new executive just in time for re-election. So will it be ugly??? Always is.

  • Really

    Just for the record, Abdul did not answer the questions regarding IndyU. You see, Abdul is a Jedi. Very bright. I mean he speaks 3 languages for goodness sake. That make him very, very, very, very smart. And he has 3 college degree’s so that makes him very, very, very, very, very, very smart. Unfortunately, he is dealing with a Sith (I like the badguy, so sue me). You see, Abdul has found a real nice “niche” in Indy. Amos is old and wacked out. Garrison is old and wacked out. So there was a need for a younger literate and bright young man based on a personality. But he needed material. So he chose local government/politics. The easy and obvious have been taken care of. Now create the material. Crime, budget, corruption, etc, etc… And he mastered creating the material with IndyU and the sister site by the firefighters. The sad part is this. It will come to an end. Unfortunately, he has blinders on with respect to State government specifically, the handling of the Bailey death. Governor is not to blame, Judge Payne is not to blame, CPS is not to blame, courts are not to blame. Now your asking why he doesn’t go after the Govenor? I mean, that organization is twice as large and twice as corrupt as Naptown. Answer, he needs to feed himself. And he can’t upset too many folks here in Indy or his law firm will suffer. No clients, not cigars and martini’s.

  • Shorebreak

    Well – looks like “Really’s” got it all figgered out for us who aint smart an schooled like Abdul. I guess we can all relax over the holiday and have a Mary Christmas.

    From all the rest of us, thanks for being really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really smart. I’m not sure exactly how smart a Sith is, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt and threw in a few extra “really’s”.

    And please, do me a favor – wish bling-bling, Bart, and SweatPea a Merry Christmas for me when you see ’em. Don’t forget to wink.

  • garry mooore

    wishing all a merry christmas

  • StatlernWaldorf

    Hey “Really”, you are the problem with the DemocRAT party. You think that you are smarter than everyone else. That is why people refer to your leadership as “Elite”. Little tip for ya….people are not supposed to be elected to office because they are somehow SMARTER than the rest of us. They are elected to represent what WE WANT. The sooner the DemocRATS remember that, the better off they will be.

  • RD

    If you think the dropped call rate for the Mayor’s Action Center is outrageous, wait until you see the dropped call rate for the 9-1-1 center.

  • JW

    Really. . .
    Wow, you are a conspiracy theorist or a Lefty ideologue. Either way, you’re far too blinded by your own POV to look at any situation involving Abdul or any other Conservative with a modicum of objectivity. That’s the real shame in all of this; everyone with an axe to grind at some point in this ongoing expose of crime and politics in Marion County will distort the facts to some degree for the benefit of their own agendas and in the end we all lose since nobody will know what’s really true. Sad.