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Marion County officials say they are almost done with their reassessment of residential property as ordered by Governor Mitch Daniels. Assessor Greg Bowes says seven of the nine townships are very close to being completed and Center and Washington townships could be done within a couple of weeks. The reassessment of commercial property won’t be done until February 1. 

If the Department of Local Government and Finance approves the reassessment, County Treasurer Mike Rodman says your reconciliation bill could be mailed on April 14 and the bill would be due on April 30. Should that occur Rodman says he will formally ask the state to move the due date of the Spring property tax bill to mid-July, otherwise taxpayers would only have a two-week window between due dates for their tax bills. Don’t forget though, not much is expected to change in the way of your tax bill. And it’s unlikely your rebate check will cover the cost of your reconciliation bill.

  • StatlernWaldorf

    This is EXACTLY why I opted (yes OPTED) to pay taxes and insurance out of my own pocket instead of escrow. I don’t have to worry about my house payment going sky high and I just save extra away in an interest yielding account to pay my taxes with. My insurance is on a monthly plan.

  • anonymous

    I’m with you StatlernWaldorf, I don’t escrow either but with that said, not everyone is disciplined enough to put aside the money for those things. Unlike the city, my pockets are only so deep, I can’t ask for more from the boss because I am not responsible the way the city does for taxes.