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It’s becoming quite apparent that some people aren’t just going to let November 6 go. Soon to be Deputy Mayor of Neighborhoods Olgen Williams is coming under attack in the blogosphere for alleged improprieties, which upon close inspection don’t even measure up to being tempest in tea cups.

I am all for fair criticism of public officials however to the new “loyal opposition” I might caution you to temper your criticism with common sense. The latest attacks on Williams could easily be construed as racist, as Amos Brown of AM 1310 pointed out on his radio program Friday. Anyone who knows Amos and me, knows we don’t agree on much, but we both think the only things that were missing in the attacks on Williams were white sheets and burning crosses.

It would be one thing if this were a classic example of boys behaving badly and engaging in out of control behavior, but this is Olgen Williams of the Christamore House who spent a good chunk of his life helping underprivileged black youth, which is more than I can say of some his critics.

  • Terry

    I agree!! Let’s give Mr. Williams a chance. He seems like a nice man who cares about youth. What we need are lots of new ideas and caring people to make the changes this city needs to get into the future.
    And I wish people would stop knocking mayor elect Ballard, give the man a chance!
    Nuff said!

  • Gary Welsh


    The hypocrisy meter is off the charts with you. If we could only go back and replay your thoughts on that little episode earlier this year when the black ministers were demanding $25 million for their “youth programs”, we would hear you singing a much different tune. Your IndyUndercover site was all over it, and you weren’t saying good things about it either. It has been established you were behind that site. It was filled with racist comments about Democratic African-American politicians. You typically are defending yourself against charges by Amos Brown that you are a “black hating black”. Funny how conveniently you jump in bed with him on an issue you felt so differently about just months ago.

  • person

    Well, it’s not like anyone coined a nickname for him like “Sweet Pea” or “Bling Bling.” Or will you just take care of that later, Abdul?

  • Abdul-Hakim


    They did not demand $25 million, they asked the Mayor for help raising the money. How many times do I have to tell you this. I know this because I spoke to them right after the meeting with the Mayor. And if I was Indy Undercover, why didn’t IMPD go ahead and serve the warrant THEY wrote and had a judge sign and that whole debate would have been done and over. Dude, what is your issue?

  • Gary Welsh

    There was actually $5 million which we learned got set aside for faith-based initiatives in Mayor Bart Peterson’s 65% income tax increase after it was passed, but I won’t confuse you with the facts.

    On the search warrant issue, why don’t you tell your readers who intervened on your behalf to block the search warrant. Are you calling Captain Boomershine a liar, Abdul. As Ruth Holladay reported:

    “[Captain Chris Boomershine] was directed to investigate the possible leak of sensitive and confidential information provided by public safety personnel to the blog.”

    A four-month investigation followed, in which police, possibly with the aid of federal officials, began peeling back the identity of IndyUndercover through various e-mail addresses and Internet providers: Yahoo, Google, EOS and finally Bright House.

    The trail ultimately led to Abdul Shabazz, according to the affidavit, which also lists Shabazz’ Downtown address and phone number. Boomershine identifies Shabazz in the warrant as the IndyUndercover blog’s moderator.

    Judge David Altice of Marion Superior Court Criminal Division signed the search warrant. Prior to that, throughout August, Grand Jury subpoenas were issued to Google, Yahoo, etc., in the painstaking search to trace the blog back and discover who was running/writing on it.

  • Joe

    It seems that everything keeps coming back to IndyU, and that is unfortunate. Whoever was the moderator of the Blog has shut it down, and it has been re-born in another form and fashion (by the style of writing it is NOT the same person(s)).

    Indiana Barrister, Advance Indiana, Bart Lies, IndyU and a host of other blogs brought much needed attention to the problems this city has faced for the past eight years.

    To the victor belongs the spoils, and I think that Ballard’s upset win over Peterson allows him to reap the spoils. No one politician is going to make everyone happy, and some of a leader’s appointments will bring down the wrath of those who feel slighted or left out.

    However, it is Ballard’s ballgame now, and it is up to him to make the appointments that he feels will be in the best interest of the city. I would hope that all of us can show the maturity and wisdom that supposedly comes from age and allow the new mayor to move forward with his vision for the city. That is why he was elected.

    Let us all leave sleeping dogs lie (IndyU) and instead focus on the important matters that this city still faces: crime, confiscatory taxes, out of control and expanding government, a failing school system, corrupt government officials, ad nauseum.

    As to Williams, I had the opportunity to meet him and listen to him while I was a part of IVRP, and found him to be a very genuine and passionate man when it comes to reaching out to youth and those disadvantaged in our city. Perhaps it is time to allow him the opportunity to serve at a higher level than what he has in the past. He has a vision for the community; he has the support from the community; he has the leadership ability to rally the community to help dam the flow of blood in the streets. Let’s give him a chance.

    If other naysayers and doomsdayers wish to continue their slide down the slope of negativism they are only showing what their true agenda is: self-aggrandizement. I won’t stoop to calling them hate mongers or haters or racist or any of the other names that I have been called on other blogs, but rather will quote Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, “Publish and be damned!”

  • RSM

    Abdul, it comes down to these facts:
    1. You are an educated black man
    2. You are FAR more conservative than the average black
    3. You are not afraid to speak what is on your mind, even if it goes against the conventional wisdom of the loud mouthed liberals.
    4. IndyU rocked the foundations of the Marion County DemocRAT party and they know you were involved.
    Add all of these up and you are a MAJOR target. Welcome to the battle zone!

  • Shorebreak

    From an earlier post…


    “In a free-speech case that has drawn widespread attention, a New Jersey judge has upheld the right of a blogger to criticize county officials anonymously by telling those officials to take their subpoena seeking the author’s identity and put it where the sun don’t shine.”

    With regards to this:

    “[Captain Chris Boomershine] was directed to investigate the possible leak of sensitive and confidential information provided by public safety personnel to the blog.”

    I believe there’s plenty of legal precedent that protects citizens from reporting news. The “leak” might not have the same breadth of protections, but the person reporting certainly does.

    As of yet, I’m undetermined with regards to “who” is responsible for Indyundercover. And quite frankly, I don’t care. The political pot should be stirred regularly. Indyundercover was a blender that the outgoing regime couldn’t stand up against.

  • D

    Yeah, the ministers “asked the mayor for help raising the money.” In the same way that the mob offers security protection to business owners. Are you forgetting, Abdul, about the part of their friendly request where they threatened to shut down construction on the stadium?

  • curious

    I am still curious as to what law was broken for the IMPD to garner a search warrant for evidence. Releasing the name of a CI might have internal repercussions, but there is no law that I know of to be enforced, or to allow a violation of the fourth amendment.

    Yet, Advance Indiana and so many others are excited and in favor of this violation of our constitution. Tis a sad day.

  • Indy Bruiser


    A couple of adages/over-used phrases for you to keep in mind.

    1. The pen (substitute blog) is mightier than the sword.
    2. Live by the sword (substitute blog again), die by the sword.
    3. And finally, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Okay one last one and I promise I’m done….

    4. What goes around, comes around.

  • Kal El

    I heard Abdul was the one who killed Biggie and 2Pac.

  • anonymous

    Didn’t think I would ever be quoting Wilson, but here it goes, “Ain’t democracy a bitch”.

  • Chief Bob


    When Abdul first started, he made the comment that he was a military brat. I asked for his bonifides and he satisfied me. Thereafter, I have followed his increasing influence and find he has done well.

    I am, particularly, put off by race baiting. I served 30 years in military service. My service began only 12 years after the Armed Services were intergrated. I have a story about a Texas town, a resturant and several sentry dogs. We were all served.

    So far, Mayor Ballard has not dissapointed me in his appointments. Let us hide and watch and see how well they perform.

    Old Sarge

  • anonymous

    Williams is definitely a hero for (black) youth. Unfortunately he is also a racist! Having dealt with him in a matter regarding his children many years ago he offered that his children were God fearing and therefore not capable of doing anything wrong, and would never sling politically unacceptable names at a neighbor. The white police officers that responded were accused of fabricating the incident & taking sides because the children were African American and besides, they said it didn’t happen and since all police officers were racist, of course his children were to be believed. We all know kids never lie to their parents… Mr. Williams convinced me that he is racist, a fact I doubt has changed.

  • StatlernWaldorf

    Gary, did you ever see the episode of COPS where Boomershine was a road deputy and started calling “Code 1!” because some biker dude threw some pot away? He is a pathetic excuse for an officer, not to mention a pathetic excuse for brass. Also, I worked on the same side of town where he did and I will tell you that his removal from the West Side was welcomed and NOT by his choice.

  • StatlernWaldorf

    Now, on the subject of Olgen Williams, I don’t know the man from Adam but my Mother in Law worked under him at Christamore house for a while and he has all of his offenses posted on the wall outside of his office to remind himself what he did in the past and to show those he attempts to help not to get into that situation.

  • M

    The real issue is lack of paying his property taxes. I believe there should be an audit of the offices that collect property taxes. Plus an assessment of just what is on the rolls or more pointedly just what properties are not paying property taxes and why. I think we might be surprised at what is found.

  • Wilson46201

    “M” is a tad confused: the elected County Treasurer collects the taxes based on the assessed values provided by the elected Township Assessors. The elected County Auditor applies the tax exemptions to those assessed valuations. Checks and balances!

    Just what entity does “M” think has the authority to conduct such audits? What makes “M” assume such audits don’t occur regularly already?