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Have you ever had a moment in your life that was so surreal that you couldn’t believe it was happening? I did today. I learned the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was going to come to my downtown Indianapolis apartment with a search warrant and try to confiscate my computer.

I was surprised too. They reportedly wanted to know what my “connection” is with Indy Undercover. I think it’s something else which I’ll get to in a moment. Luckily, common sense has prevailed for now and someone decided catching real criminals would be a more important use of the taxpayers’ money.

I freely admit to reading Indy Undercover (the police blog) and I know some of the guys who do it. I’ll even admit it was my idea over lunch one day. I got tired of hearing them complain and told them to start a blog like everyone else in this town. It’s better for people to have a forum where they can complain than me having to listen to it. They’ve sent me items and I’ve returned the favor a time or two. That’s what I do as your friendly neighborhood arms dealer. I read the news but not the comment section because I don’t trust it.

I know the top brass hates Indy Undercover and some of them can’t stand me personally because of my criticism, but I never thought people would go this far. What I honestly think this is about is that for the past week I have been working on a story involving alleged child sexual abuse by a very prominent and wealthy local Democrat. I won’t mention the name but the Department of Child Services confirmed there is an open investigation and IMPD is looking into it also.

I like to think that no elected or appointed official would ever abuse their power, but I’ve been around long enough that I would not be surprised if the true purpose of the warrant would be to squelsh the publication of that story by confiscating my home computer.

I hope I’m wrong. But it also makes me wonder some other things. Have local law enforcement officials been monitoring my Internet usage, phone calls and engaging in other surveillance? And if it would be done to a very public and vocal person like me, what about your average citizen who doesn’t have a radio show, blog, newspaper column or television access?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big supporter of law enforcement.  And if not for an unexpected venture into talk radio a few years ago, I would have probably been a county prosecutor back home.

I know there are bitter feelings about the last election and my role in it as a voice and forum for the voters, but it’s really sad if things have come to this.

For the first time in my life, I really do hope I’m wrong.

  • Wilson46201

    I freely admit to reading Indy Undercover (the police blog) and I know some of the guys who do it. I’ll even admit it was my idea over lunch one day.


  • Abdul Hakim-Shabazz

    Of course. I got tired of them complaining and told them to start a blog, like everyone else in town. Taking Down Words, Digital Farmers, Blue Indiana, Bart Lies. They did all the other stuff. I’m surprised you don’t have a blog Wilson as much as you are on the Internet.

  • Adam Colton

    Official misconduct from all directions is the most likely explanation. You’ve got to remove the issue from the Marion County playground and let the Justice Department clean it up.

  • Jay

    I am shocked SHOCKED…You mean in a city where

    – we are forced to pay for a new stadium
    – and new basketball arena
    – and subsidize the wealthy builders of hotels
    – and give the billionaire Simons more millions
    – where the Colts come first and public safety 10th
    – where the water company and stadium deals were done behind closed doors
    – where a bar can be built in a government building with no zoning (300 East )
    – where the mayor personally ordered a leftwing bookstore to be “searched”
    – where the rule of law was abandoned years ago…

    …that such a thing can happen ?

    OMG ! In every other sense we have sunk to the level of a third-rate dictatorship…I’m frankly surprised someone hasn’t been mysteriously shot or ‘turned up missing’.

  • anonymous

    First off, shut up dumpster diver.

    Doesn’t a judge have to sign a warrant for a search? What is the cause? A blog? Are they really going to waste my tax dollars on looking for a blog owner? Give us names!!!

    I guess it sends us all a chilling reminder that freedom is only free to certain citizens.

  • Wilson46201

    In Washington DC, George W. Bush calls that “rendition”…

  • impd

    I’m sure that was the MCSD side of the department. The real officers of IMPD are with you Abdul

  • Joe


    As long as the Dems have the “juice” until Jan. 1, 2008 they are going to do everything in their power to discredit you and anyone that has worked to expose their corruption.

    This is something that Spangle and I talked about at the Blue M. on Thursday. It’s not going to stop until the new admin takes over, and the Dems are stripped of their abusive powers.

    As far as a wealthy Dem being investigated for an allegation of child sex abuse, if it is true then the right and moral thing for the party to do is to condemn who ever it is and turn their back on that person. However the apologist will come out of the wood work and start pontificating on how the child seduced this poor man (or woman).

    What do you say Wilson, will you and your party condemn one of your own if the evidence shows that this person is a child molester? Or will you just make excuses for their bad behavior and recommend rehab?

  • Becky

    Abdul, haven’t you figured out by now the democrats play hard ball in this city of ours?
    Watch your back buddy!

  • Carefull

    Abdul, I don’t doubt it. Four and a half months ago a good officer on NE had his computer and brand new vehicle taken from him. They told him that Internal Affairs wanted his computer for and “investigation”. They gave him a 1999 police car with 150,000 miles and an old MDT in return. This officer has not heard one single word about the investigation since that day.

    The officer was known to talk about the blog and may have been thought to have been involved in it by the brass.

    It is interesting to note that a Lt in Internal Affairs stated that he knows nothing of any investigation of the officer. So, you have to wonder who ordered the hit.

    The house of cards will fall one day soon. Be carefull out there.

  • John Doe

    I really hope you have taken this time to “clean” your computer. I don’t mean you have something to hide, I am talking more about protecting your data. If I were you, I would make sure everything is encrypted, clear out the virtual memory, and surf anonymously when possible.

  • anonymous

    You know the silent and missing Frank Anderson has his grubby little fingers in this. HEY FRANK, WAKE UP!!! The city is burning and you are going after a little radio guy???

    Frank, the police SHOULD ABSOLUTELY be under our new Mayor-elect, Ballard. You are completely out of touch with the world. Frank just does not care about the CITY.

  • Nytlaw

    The writing has been on the wall for some time now. I had to be THE SHERIFF

  • M

    There is still free speech and you are the best at it.Do not be intimidated. They would choose the wrong person to try to destroy because you have the microphone. The dems are so upset to lose power.They don’t like the way the election went, the property tax issue, and any publicity on their misdeeds. Power is their word and desire to wield it over us citizens.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    It is true, you have been a great friend to Law Enforcement Officers here in Indianapolis. I thank you for all you do. You would have been a great Prosecutor, is that a possibility in the future? Anyway, I’m happy you chose to do the investigative reporting thing.

  • anonymous

    Wrong dumpster diver. It think you mean the Patriot Act.

    Actions like this are clearly an abuse of authority. Abdul isn’t doing anything that subversive against the state. All he has ever done is tell the truth. Bart, Frank, Monroe and all don’t know the truth if it was staring them in the face. But Bart and very few others have brought the truth to light and it has smacked them in the face.

    I am appalled at the current powers that be, that they are arrogant in their beliefs they can do whatever they want for their own good the the hell with the City of Indianapolis.

    That arrogance cost them the election and now they want to screw the city one last time.

    Again, I would like to know the name of the judge who signed any such warrant.

  • anonymous


  • Mike Ramey

    Back in the day, this was SOP! When the media DOES its job, retribution is part of the game.

    Now that the elections are over, it is interesting to see how much crime actually IS going on in Indianapolis…now that the press and media have been ‘whupped’ at the polls, and they can ‘cover’ the news again.

    January, 2008…New Management.

  • wow

    If that is really Aaron Sullivan up above, can we take that as an FOP commentary on the current politician/prosecutor? I note Joe at Indy undercover also mentions that he needs to be there to watch over “any administration,” not just bling bling. Good.

  • Jason

    I can think of a few judges that would rubberstamp a search warrant involving Abdul. One in particular, but I’m sure there are more…

  • GaryJ

    Are you talking about “set ’em free Sallee”?

  • http://www.kolehardfacts.blogspot.com Mike Kole

    Wow, Abdul- This is really nuts and speaks very poorly of IMPD. I feel for you personally, but on the other hand, when I was a candidate, part of our training was to never antagonize people who buy ink by the 55-gallon drum or have access to radio or TV transmitters. Perhaps those behind this nonsense feel this rule doen’t apply to them, btu I tend to think they will regret it for a long time to come, because the Dept will wear the black eye, and it will be administered over and over again. Soldier on, my friend!

  • Anonymous


    You really need to think about providing this city with some “hands-on” leadership. I appreciate your work on the radio and this blog, but Indianapolis needs a serious infusion of ethics and morality (i.e. see the last mayors race).

    Please consider running for City Prosecutor.

  • Really

    Abby Dull,

    You really are getting desperate and in need of some material. Ok, prove that your ego, excuse me, you are the target of a so called search warrant. How you ask? All search warrants are filed with the clerks office and are on file with the judge that signed it. Go get the warrant. Public record you can get a copy. Go ahead, lets see if your paranoid prediction is accurate.

  • Duh

    The reason that they took the IMPD department issued computer away from the officer on NE was that he was posting to INDYUNDERCOVER on duty rather than working. Not bright at all. The officer failed to read General Orders regarding computer usage.


    Dear Really, You idiot.

    Welcome to the wonderful new world of the Patriot Act. Under FISA, if your actions are deemed subversive (not just terrorism) by a government enforcement agency, they (law enforcement) will not need a warrant or a any judicial review (signatures or public posting). Since Abdul is Islamic, has bashed (are a least taken to task) US government officials (Bart and company), and probably been to a terrorist site (that means in today’s term, a mosque) that could qualify him as a terror threat. Would it suprise me, not one bit. But who is to blame?? The Neo-Cons of this world. Funny how no one every runs a campaign based on simple premise of our founding fathers. See you at Gitmo. Since you are a lawyer, you can represent yourself, if and when they decide to charge you(in 4 or 5 years).


    WE ARE AT WAR!!!

  • Johnny


    What about the black helicopters and the Beech Grove Amrtak Yard being made into a FEMA Concentration Camp (WHY DOES THE BARBED WIRE POINT INWARD!!!)?

  • StatlernWaldorf

    If they wanna play hard ball, there are certain citizens in this city that will stand in front of the doors and deny them access, Abdul. We got your back, old friend.

  • Melyssa

    Abdul, In a deposition that I originated with the city’s undercover vice, I was told that they don’t have sophisticated survelliance equipment. Case in point, the vice detective admitted that the city’s equipment resources were so low, that he had to wait two weeks to get the use of the “whisper” wire that the detective wore when he did his undercover investigation.

    He also said a lot of the equipment is broken.

    I’ve got the deposition, Abdul, if you ever want to take a look at it.

    As an aside, in our first interrogatory we asked the city for any audio or video tapes in discovery. The city stated in their answer to the interrogatory that there was no surveillance.

    Six months later, the day before my lawyer deposed the vice detective, the audio recording was admitted.

    I am led to believe that the city attorneys purposely tried to obstruct justice by denying the existence of the tape. Further I believe that the only reason they coughed it up, was that they saw I was willing to spend the bucks to depose several city officials.

  • Shorebreak

    Abdul – Make some serious noise about this Monday AM. This isn’t only about you. It’s about all of us.

    Be open to your audience about all of the issues and about your involvement with indyundercover – which is perfectly legal, legitimate, and a worthy activity. Try to have several attoreys and officials on the show to explain how this kind of law enforcement activity is unlawful – then start getting the likely suspects on the horn.

    Beyond your personal issues in this matter, what’s most important is that the public is aware of what is happening, that they are aware of the illegal/unconstitutional nature of the activity, and that they are aware that it could just as easily happen to them.

  • anonymous

    Shorebreak – where have you been? I love your take on things, and as ususual, you don’t disappoint.

  • Carefull

    November 17th, 2007 at 6:08 pm
    The reason that they took the IMPD department issued computer away from the officer on NE was that he was posting to INDYUNDERCOVER on duty rather than working. Not bright at all. The officer failed to read General Orders regarding computer usage.

    Your reason doesn’t hold water. If the officer violated General Orders, I would assume that he would be disiplined. He has not been disiplined at all or been told anything. Also, IndyU was a police related website. No orders ever prohibited officers from looking at it. Perhaps their is no 4 month investigation.

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  • Friend

    If they took the officers computer away, he should file a grievance with the union if in fact he did nothing against department policy at all. Or has he filed a grievance already? If not, why not? He needs that computer to do his job does he not? If the union doesn’t back him up, he should file a lawsuit using his own money. I know where I work at, no internet at all regardless if it is work related. Did the officer work in internet crimes or online internet crimes? If so, then that would be work related and he would need the computer. If he is a regualr street officer, why would he need internet?

  • Scott

    Oh it doesn’t surprise me. Look at a LT. that lead a high speed unit connected with the ATF. Could it be that he was removed put on Administrative leave because a certain Deputy Chief of Investigations was upset with him. So they tell him there was a threat on the Sheriff on a taped line and they thought it was him. So now he must stay on leave until the FBI comes back with voice results. Wow oh and the same chief that has moved or attempted to move several people because he does not care for them even after the city legal says to cool it. Hard to believe he could have had a mental medical? Of course this is all rumor and not intended to be fact and just a suspicion hahah

  • Susan

    I sincerely doubt that Frank is behind this, but that doesn’t mean his choice for the next sheriff isn’t. Something to think about!

  • Flush Out

    Abdul, Don’t know who your source is, but this maybe a ruse to flush out sources within the dept. Tell everyone to be very careful, and not to rush to give up info right away. They are looking to burn people.

  • http://none Sherry Wallace

    Hi Abdul,

    We need Indy Undercover. I’ve been reading it for quite a while and have sent the site to many of my friends.

    Abdul, I think you do a great job helping Indianapolis. Keep it up!

  • http://wedeclare.wordpress.com/ Andy Horning

    So what happened to the site? It’s gone now.