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The word on the street this morning is that I am to be the subject of a news conference at Kenndy-King Park at 17th and Broadway. Some “community leaders” are supposed to talk about “issues that threaten to divide our city.” From what I’ve been able to gather this will be about, in part, two of their least favorite young black men in Indianapolis, myself and former Star editorial writer Rishawn Biddle.

I expect to be chastised for my criticism of this town’s Black leadership in a veritable slew of personal attacks about my residency, my diction, upper-middle class financial status and anything else they can come up with. And you know what, I’m fine with that. First it gives me free publicity, which I am always for. Secondly, this is America and everyone has the right to express their opinion, no matter how uninformed it may be.

All I ask from my critics is just a little consistency. If you’re going to attack me or former colleagues for what we say and write, then please do a better job of policing your own. I would hope that at today’s news conference the leaders express their outrage at me, but also at City-Council attorney Aaron Haith for referring to me as the “grandson of Willie Lynch” the legendary slave trader who is believed to have written the book on slavery. Haith later denied making the remark in an exchange with Ike Randolph during Monday’s city-county council meeting. But if it’s bad for one person to say it, then I hope it would be just as bad for someone else to say it, even if they are of the same philosophical persuasion.

  • Kevin

    I guess I just don’t understand why black leaders think they should be immune to criticism. It is to be expected when people hold a public office or a high profile position like these people have. If they want to be treated equally, they need to be able to handle the criticism equally. Last time I looked, Abdul, you criticize your fair share of blacks AND whites. Do I feel you are tearing down the white community when you do so? Heck no. There are plenty of white people that deserve criticism…along with plenty of blacks, hisanics, asians, etc.

  • Never amazed anymore


    Thank you for your voice of truth & responsibility. I don’t think you need this encouragment, but never back down.

    At what point will black “leadership” and the community they “serve” begin to understand that truth, honesty with self and responsibility are the only answers to many (most?, all?) of the problems that we face? Why is this so incredibly difficult for black “leadership” to grasp?

    Drop the foolish facades…stop the ridiculous posturing and games and take a good, long, hard look at yourselves, your motives and your methods. Honesty there WILL lead to change in our community and culture.

    Any talk about a show of support for Abdul at this so-called “news conference”…or would that lend a greater sense of legitimacy to something that should be ignored?

  • Fez

    There you go “acting white” again, Abdul. Next thing you know, you’ll be saying “golly” and “jeepers,” painting your house and keeping the trash out of the yard. The horror.

  • Free Thinker

    Of all the things they could be upset about, they choose this non-issue. Since when was is not okay to speak your mind? Oh, that’s right… since the LEFT got ahold of the lamestream media.

    Thank you for sticking your neck out and telling the truth, even when it isn’t pretty. Not many people can say that they do the same. You serve your market well.

  • Anonymous

    I listened to Amos rant about this issue yesterday. He was rightfully upset, yet when questioned about the incongruity of roasting Biddle and not Haith, Amos rationalized it by saying that “coon was derogatory and Willie Lynch was fictional”. Ok? So a racist remark has to be true? Is he saying that blacks ARE coons?? WTF?? Of course not..just more inconsistency and logic that no one else recognizes. I’d purely love to see Abdul and Amos sit down in a moderated debate and have Amos justify Haith’s remark, and have Abdul tear Amos’s pathetic house of cards down with logic and consistency. What say you, Amos? Do you have the courage to justify your stance? I know you read this “black hatin’ blog” ( a term you lump any forum that doesnt praise all things Democratic)!! Dont wait for the translation, answer the question!! (Gen Kang, Star Trek VI)

    Or are you just the unofficial Black Mike O’Connor of Indianapolis?

  • Melyssa

    How can Haith deny saying it? It’s on TAPE for God’s sake! What a filthy liar !

  • Melyssa

    Something else Abdul….I am white and I look up to you!

  • http://bartlies.com Bart Lies

    I think these two recent incidents show that it’s not so much an issue of race as it is an issue of using race to leverage other issues (such as political campaigns). If this wasn’t true, both situations would have received equal attention and produced equal outrage.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    You know what is REALLY dividing our city?
    90% of the crimes are being committed by 25% of our population. And most of that crime is black on black.
    If that’s the voting base of the Marion County Democratic Party then god help us all.

  • Anonymous

    please don’t use the big words.Most of the democrats don’t understand them especially sweet pea and aaron haith