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Apparently my charming personality and rapier wit have become lost on Black Democrats in Marion County.  I don’t know why they hate me but they have really stepped things up.  From outgoing City-County Council Attorney Aaron Haith calling me the grandson of Willie Lynch, to State Representative Bill Crawford defending him.  And State Representative Vanessa Summers going on the public airwaves and engaging in a string of personal attacks and demanding I be fired from my jobs.  I can’t quite figure out what I did to these guys, but I’ve been compiling a list.


The only hood I know is on the back of my parka from Land’s End.

I’m a free thinker.

I hold officials accountable.

I have a blue tooth and not a gold tooth.

I have a good job, good diction, credit and education.

I have no baby mamas in my life.

I speak the truth.

I’m successful and it had nothing to do with the Black establishment in this town.

I drink martinis and smoke expensive cigars and not King Cobra and Swisher Sweets.

I speak three languages and ebonics is not one of them.

I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X and didn’t stop at the halfway point.


I think these are just some of the reasons, I’m sure there are more.  I just wish these guys would find something more productive to do and instead of hating the playa, they’d spend more time hating the game.

  • Joe

    Tis obvious what thou hast done! You have shown that the Emperor has no clothes, and he and his retinue are humiliated! Perhaps you are not like Superman, but rather like that old radio show, the Shadow. “Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man, the Shadow knows.”

  • Marc


    What did Ms. Summers say about you? Give me the gist. I totally missed it.

    Keep up the good work.

  • JW

    This is standard fare for any black Conservative; get attacked personally because you’re not in lockstep with ‘your people’ and actually dare to question the need for ‘traditional’ beliefs or notions about the black community to which you ‘belong’ regardless of where or how you were raised. Uncle Tom, sellout, Oreo, House N—, etc are some of the names you have to endure when these people can’t debate the issues since you’ve nullified the race card they’d like to throw out.

    I’m 34 and have lived this experience since high school; thru college (MSU & Purdue) and grad schools (IU) and even in the workplace. Oh yeah, I too like cigars, single-malt scotch and various English ales (not Olde English, LOL); martinis are just not my style. Keep up the good work, Abdul.

  • Bobby

    While I generally enjoy reading your posts, I’d be careful with this one. When you make a list like this, a list that points out the real problems within the black community, you are in effect generalizing black democrats to possess these traits.

    I am a college educated black man, 31, who votes. I am neither democrat nor republican but tend to lean to left. I try to educate myself from both sides as much as I can then make up my own mind on issues that are important to me. I do not speak ebonics, nor do I have baby mamas, or any of the other negative conotations you have on your list.

    The things you mention on the list are definitely prevelant in the black community and are problems that need serious attention. However, I would be careful when you lump these characteristics towards educated, democratic blacks who are actually (in theory) trying to help the community.

    I know you have a lot of conservative fans who are not black. Therefore I would urge you to please be careful in labeling the educated, positive, productive blacks in the community with these traits. To anyone reading this blog: please do not think that blacks who are not conservative are all ebonic speaking, 40 oz drinking, dead-beat babby daddies.

    keep up the good work.

  • max

    Well put Bobby, that needed to be said.

  • Abdul Hakim-Shabazz

    If the people who attack me personally for my beliefs would spend more time curing the ills of their own communities, posts like this would not be necessary. Unfortunately, for them, I can give as good as I get.

  • me


    Your name was never mentioned on Amos Browns show, but you must have recognized yourself by her description of you. She is a divorced mother of one son, who by the way is an excellent student, she does not speak ebonics and she is very PROUD of being a product of the Indianapolis Machine. It is no secret that when her father passed she was the chosen one to complete her fathers term.(That was 17 years ago, she must be doing something right It is my understanding that YOU have never once even said “Hello” to her in all the time you have been covering the State House. That is showing alot of repect…..I think you started this with unsubstantiated comment on your blog. Did you try and call her? Oh.. that right you have never said “Hello”.

  • Bobby

    There’s a saying that goes something like: “don’t argue with a fool. People standing at a distance may not know who’s who”. By using prevailing black stereotypes to discredit these people,, you may unintentionally be giving your fans a sense that it is okay to use these stereotypes against blacks who are trying to make progress.

  • Abdul Hakim-Shabazz

    My audience is a lot smarter than people think. And for the record Vanessa Summers has made it clear her feelings toward me so no conversation has ever been necessary.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com Hoosiers For Fair Taxation

    We checked and we are pretty sure that Ms. Vanessa loves property tax too!

    We think there is room for her at the November 2008 funeral of Indiana political careers.

  • John Sevea

    Maybe they think you’re a white person trapped in black person’s body.
    That’s not actually as strange as it might sound. Some black democrats refer to it as Obamaitis.

  • http://valuesalliance.org Lalita

    Let me think about this for a minute:

    The only hood I know is on the front end of my Honda Accord.

    I’m a free thinker.

    I hold everybody accountable–including myself.

    I have a blue tooth and not a gold tooth.

    I have a good business, good diction, good credit and a great education.

    I have no mac daddies in my life.

    I speak my truth, challenging myself to expand my thinking.

    I’m successful and it had nothing to do with the Black establishment (or anyone else) in this town.

    I drink Earl Gray tea and not because I’d heard about it on Star Trek.

    I speak three languages.

    I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X and didn’t stop at the halfway point.

    CRAP! I’m Abdul!

  • varangianguard

    I was going to write something funny, but it wasn’t.

    Now, I feel under-sophisticated as I don’t speak two langauges, much less three (or more). Just make sure that you aren’t counting “legalese” as one of them. It isn’t a discrete language, yet.

    Don’t worry Lalita, unless you chomp cigars and swill martinis, you’re not the feminine version of Abdul.

    Is it blue tooths or blue teeth?

  • Rob

    Keep up the good work. Someone needs to tell it as it is. It’s still impossible for non-blacks to say what you say because of the heavily utilization of the race card.

    The black community is notorious for shunning blacks who try to make it outside of the black world. It’s sad because black “leaders” do more to hold African-Americans back than anybody else. Usually it’s so they can either make a profit or so they can obtain power and prestige.

  • Greg

    Out of respect for what you stand for, I wanted to write a short thank you for the courage you show. However, as some have suggested above, I would not fall trap to some of the baiting that goes on out there. You know who you are as a person and what you stand for as a person. Those who value you do as well. Nuff said.

  • Adam

    Wow! I guess people who like to be “victims” come in all shapes, sizes and shades. Next time you take someone to task for “playin the victim”, be sure to look in the mirrr, Abdul.

  • anonymouse

    Adam has a point. You know the old saying, “If you can’t stand the heat…”

  • Wilson46201

    Vanessa Summers is so very popular with her constituents that she’s usually re-elected every two years with no opponent ever filing…

  • Suzanne

    Abdul…it is too bad that you get your kicks off of making fun of quite a few people that have gold teeth, babies mammas, etc in this city. i knew you hit people under the belt, but WOW, i at least thought you had some class, i was wrong.

    I am glad you can make yourself feel good on the behalf of others, obviously your mother didn’t teach you any manners or the golden rule. you might think you are an educated man, but when other educated people look at this blog that this there is a SIMPLE MINDED MAN writing it.

  • Abdul Hakim-Shabazz

    I can take the heat. But apparently some others in this town can’t stand the light.

  • me

    thought ur comments were right on. everyone needs to be accountable to god, me, family, job, friends, community, country, race. I feel the a/a community, is feelin the avg wht male of the early 80’s plight. Be responsible/accountable for yourself. ha..i like the half quotes…here is another, sometimes its better to remain silent, then to open ur mouth and remove all doubt. Keep it real abdul…i think ur arrright.
    discriminated against average, fair, normal w/m.

  • Vanessa isn’t her father

    Wilson, I knew Joe Summers. I worked with Joe Summers. Vanessa is not in the same league as her father.

    And three0quarters of her constituents don’t even know who she is.

    That tired old argument, “(s)he gets re-elected” which you utter ad naseum, is getting nauseating.

  • Wilson46201

    “That tired old argument, “(s)he gets re-elected” which you utter ad naseum, is getting nauseating.”

    Democracy is a bitch, I suppose?

  • Johnny


    I thought you did have at least one “baby momma”? I thought you had a son with someone to whom you are not married and do not live with.

  • Abdul Hakim-Shabazz

    My son is adopted.

  • JW

    While Abdul went a bit overboard in his stereotypes for the sake of humor, the truly sad part of this is all of the comments taking him to task for his original post and how it can harm the black community in one way or another. Those complaints or comments ignore the situation he was humorously trying to bring to light, namely the hypocrisy of black leaders/activists when it comes to other blacks who either disagree with their political view of society or expose their corruption and intellectual dishonesty. The irony, which apparently is lost on those posting the complaints, is that their complaints illustrate and reiforce the concept Abdul was trying to make.

  • JW

    Oh yeah, watch BET’s comicview and you’ll see those same stereotype jokes Abdul posted in the blog entry being used by black comedians such as Michael Collier (who won Star Search back in the 80s) or others who grew up in the middle class. I have heard versions of the following lines Abdul posted above on BET’s Comicview by black comedians with only mild changes:

    The only hood I know is on the back of my parka from Land’s End.
    I have a blue tooth and not a gold tooth.
    I have a good job, good diction, credit and education.
    I have no baby mamas in my life.
    I drink martinis and smoke expensive cigars and not King Cobra and Swisher Sweets.
    I speak three languages and ebonics is not one of them.

    The fact that those comments/jokes are already out there in the public discourse makes the complaints above and those made on his show even more disingenuous than they appear at first glance.

  • Shorebreak


    Every opinion will meet an opposing opinion
    Every political opinion will meet vitriole from opposing opinions.
    And every shred of truth that reveals the lie of a political opinion will meet scathing derision and uniform resistance from those who support the lie.

    It’s par for the course.

    Keep up the good work Abdul. I agree with you much of the time, I disagree with you vehemently on certain subjects, and I will always defend your right to have your say.

  • Nytlaw

    I love your views and stance abdul. To those who want to play victim of others views, youshould keep note of which part of the statements bother you, because that letting you know the shoe fits. ITs up to you to wear it and limp on down the road or kick it off and look for a new shoe !

  • StatlernWaldorf

    Oh my GAWD people!! Why do you think that what Abdul said is stereotyping? Facts are facts and the facts are that when Amos Brown, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others wanna be’s like Wilson46201 start whining about black people that don’t subscribe to the “typical” black agenda, then there is truth in what the man is saying!! Abdul is 100% correct in his post. I went to school during the beginning of busing and I NEVER judged a person by the color of their skin from day one! Judging by their ACTIONS is a whole other story.

    Keep your head held high, Abdul. I respect you as a person no matter WHAT color your skin is (or what Spangle thinks!! ;) ).

  • Jacob

    Thought you might find this pertinent, re: Sean Taylor’s death and black America: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/7499442

  • GaryJ

    Just wondering… what 3 languages?

  • Sherie R.G.

    Mud slinging! Why is it that when a subject of mass controversy arises; many resort to overemotional mud slinging?
    I am a Puerto-Rican and Black divorced mother of two, in a very internationally diverse city. I am constantly catching hell because I do not behave “like a black person”. I’m too white, or “High yella (yellow)”. To those who plague me that is okay to “put me in my place”.

    But if I were to tell them they were “Ghetto” or “proving the steroe types” or retaliate in any way; they would get beyond upset. Double standards! In addition, those who behave in the manners that, Abdul, and many others speak of, are always the ones complaining about inequality!

    What about the real oppressions and issues in this world….like poverty, murder, CHILD ABUSE!!! It has no skin color, it effects the nation, and the world for that matter.

    Some cry “Equality, give us equality!”and “Don’t judge me by the color of my skin, I’m just like anyone else!” then contradict themselves by saying “I’m black and I’m proud” setting themselves apart because of their skin color. “Don’t separate or alienate because of our skin color” but then turn around and say “We brothas and sistas need to stick together” or “We, the BLACK, community…”

    So if you, those who want to use the race card when its CONVIENENT, can’t take the heat, then you are the ones who deserve to get BURNT! Stop preaching segregation!

    By the way..I am not affiliated with any political party, I am not a college grad (yet), have no baby’s daddies (I have an ex-husband), and I think cigars and martinins are disgusting.

    God Bless!