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I got a news release Monday from the Indiana State Democratic Party criticizing Republican Mayor-elect Greg Ballard for signing on to the Governor’s property tax reduction plan.

They say Ballard promised to pursue eliminating property taxes but changed his mind after getting elected into office. Now while this skews the facts a bit because Ballard has said repeatedly that he believes in eliminating property taxes, but understands that is probably not going to happen in the current climate, so reducing them as much as possible is his goal.

More interesting though is the fact this news release came from the state party and not the local Democratic party. They should be the ones going after the local Republicans. The state should only have to focus on more “global” issues. But I guess after their performance in the last election and losing the Mayor’s office, the City-County Council, a soon to be very public civil war over a 7th Congressional seat, an absentee Sheriff who is about to lose power and is holding on desperately to keep it by any means necessary, and dealing with a racially divisive fight over who should be the next Council minority leader, they probably have their hands full so I can forgive them on this one.

  • varangianguard

    Time for 100% turnover in the Marion County Democratic Party leadership. Out of touch, out of ideas, out of time.

    The Bartophiles and Carsonites have had their chances. Last three high profile campaigns?

    Marion County Prosecutor = LOSS

    Mayor of Indianapolis = LOSS

    Mayor of Lawrence = LOSS

    All three of those offices were eminently winnable. Why weren’t they won? Those responsible should stand up, raise their hands, and take their proverbial lumps.

    Those responsible should turn over the keys of the local party leadership to others who will have some chance of reversing the almost incomprehensible negative Democratic trend here in Indianapolis.

    Don’t just wait for the Republicans, step up and take the up reins to bring back the Marion County Democratic Party up where it belongs.

    Shame on all of you (including those beyond the party leadership) who have dragged it down through your hubris.

  • http://infredheads.blogspot.com Joel

    I don’t think Ballard has changed his statements at all regarding the tax solutions. Mitch’s plan came out prior to the election and he signed onto it BEFORE the election.

    That means that he did not “change his mind” after getting elected into office.

    But logic is not their strong suit.

  • http://animalswithinanimals.com/stallio/blog.html stAllio!

    here is the exact wording from ballardformayor.com:

    “As Mayor, I will:
    1. Lobby the state legislature to pass a constitutional amendment eliminating property taxes in Indiana. I believe that with the current makeup of the legislature, 35-40% of legislators approve of such a measure. ”

    has the mayor-elect lobbied the legislature for a constitutional amendment? no? does he plan to? no? then he has broken his campaign promise. it’s pretty simple, really.

  • TaxPayer-46205


    I think that you are the one that’s “pretty simple”.

  • did i miss something?

    November 20th, 2007 at 11:26 am
    here is the exact wording from ballardformayor.com:

    “As Mayor, I will:
    1. Lobby the state legislature to pass a constitutional amendment eliminating property taxes in Indiana. I believe that with the current makeup of the legislature, 35-40% of legislators approve of such a measure. ”

    has the mayor-elect lobbied the legislature for a constitutional amendment? no? does he plan to? no? then he has broken his campaign promise. it’s pretty simple, really.

    is he in office yet-no. are you being impatient, yes. geez–give the man the chance to do what he said…

  • stAllidiot!

    Ummm… when would Ballard have lobbied the legislature between Nov 7th and today?


  • Joe


    Just a few minor facts that you might want to consider.

    1. Ballard is still the “Mayor-elect” and has not taken office officially. He is currently establishing a transition team, and will not have the authority to do anything until Jan 1, 2008.

    2. The Indiana General Assembly is just starting its ’07-’08 legislative session.

    3. To pass a constitutional amendment takes at least two consecutive legislative sessions and a vote by the electorate to approve such a change.

    4. Given the current property tax situation, it is reasonable for Ballard to support the changes that Daniels is seeking, in order to provide relief to the taxpayers of Indiana as quickly as possible.

    Given the above facts, something that many of the anti-Ballard people refuse to acknowledge (facts that is), it is not unreasonable for a newly elected official to offer support to one proposition while still planning on pursuing other ideas and plans.

    No one is in a position to know what Ballard is planning to do except Ballard. Perhaps you Democratic apologists need to just stop the rhetoric and give Ballard at least six months in office to pursue his agenda and plans. If he reneges on his promises, then bring out your naysayers and doomsdayers. Until then give the man the opportunity to do his job.

  • Nytlaw

    I 2nd Joe’s staement !

    Now it is law !

  • Joe


    Why thank you kind person! Logic and facts ARE hard to argue with, yet the Dems seem to try!

  • Leon Dixon

    I met and shook hands with Mayor Elect Ballard at the Statehouse today (organization day). He was in the company of the House Minority Leader and both were very popular. Facts are wonderful things to know.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com Hoosiers For Fair Taxation

    They are afraid, very afraid. As well the should be. We have full faith in our new Mayor to stand on his words and his promises to The People who worked so hard to get him in office.

    No one politician has the power to repeal property tax, however, collectively many can get the job done. We trust that our new Mayor will make the wishes of the MAJORITY of people in our city that we want property tax abolished and 100% property freedom!

  • Wilson46201

    I saw the Accidental Mayor over at the Legislature looking kinda awed this afternoon. He didn’t seem particularly animated or sociable…

    I wonder if he came over to lobby for the total property tax repeal he promised when campaigning?

  • Mike Bowman

    Is using the phrase “Accidental Mayor” any better or worse than those that did not like the “Bart Lies” phrase ?

  • toad alert

    I bet stathouse officials put out a “toad alert” when Wee Willie Wilson walked into the joint.

  • Nytlaw

    wilson46201, is a trol ! he jumps from blog to blog. Making statements without merit or fact. just ignore him and he will weasle back in his hole

  • anonymouse 1

    Ignore the dumpster diver. He let down his party, Barty and all, and now has stooped to a new low of personal attacks. Pitiful.

  • Wilson46201

    As usual, my little coterie of obsessed hater-trolls is following me around trying to distract the thread onto discussing me instead of the important topic. Please ignore those crazies!

  • http://bartlies.com Bart Lies

    Anybody who thinks Greg’s election to the office of Mayor is ‘accidental’ is a fool. We all voted our beliefs. I voted with extreme clarity and purpose. There was absolutely NO accident involved.

    Maybe ‘some’ people accidentally colored-in the wrong circle on their ballot?

    It’s just plain wacky that the Dems are (a) ridiculing Greg for speaking up about property taxes while ranting about him having no power to alter them and (b) ridiculing Greg for ‘changing’ his stance on property tax – all at the same time.

    If you believe he can’t produce change, then why be concerned about his position on the matter. If you think he’s changed his position, then why rave on about him having no power to influence it? It sure sounds like sour grapes to me.

  • Joe

    Wilson, Wilson, Wilson,

    Will you PLEASE stop taking your talking points from the Dem machine in Washington. Really, “Accidental Mayor” sounds just like what the Dems said after GW Bush was elected, twice.

    I guess the symbol of the Democratic Party is accurate, a stubborn donkey! Try using your own mind, and not just knee jerking to the Dem Machine’s rhetoric.

  • Brian


    “Accidental Mayor”? LMAO….Obviously, you are having a hard time getting down that huge helping of sour grapes.

    Get over it.


  • Dale

    I think Mayor-Elect Ballard would like the term “Accidental Mayor” – it fits his persona. And I’ll bet there’s at least one guy who would gladly take the title, because even with its belittling intent, it sounds much better than “Former Mayor”.

  • the_weasel

    The Democratic Party has lost it completely. I agree 100% with varangianguard’ assessment. Since I am a Republican, I am thinking this is probably a good thing.

  • varangianguard

    to the_weasel,

    It may be a good thing to you, but it is a terrible thing for republican government (not Republican party) in Marion County. Without a viable second party, who is going to keep the weasels out of the henhouse?

    Since the large majority of voters refuse to acknowledge the Libertarian party, then the Democratic party still has a vital role to fill, either as the “loyal opposition” or as the “party in power”.

    The problem is that the leadership positions have been hijacked by the Bartophiles or Carsonites, neither gropup seemingly having the peoples’ best interests at heart.

    It became apparent in the last election that enough voters finally decided to abstain from propagating the personal political agendas of the two aforementioned political cliques, and this has caused the Marion County Democratic party to lose whatever leverage they had gained after decades of Republican party rule.

    We will see what, if anything, will change in the upcoming year. Activist Democrats have long aligned themselves with one political clique or the other and it remains to be seen whether there will be any serious attempts at self-examination will occur, or not. So far, nothing.

    It is my opinion, as a Democrat outsider, that the chances are better that the easy way out will be selected. That being, blaming Republicans or whatever other convenient scapegoat appears along the horizon. People just generally don’t take personal responsibility for their own mistakes, and by golly politicians are no exception to that rule.

    Look at Wilson, the new Accidental Mayor website, or St. Allio’s Way, if you don’t believe me. For three apparently smart people, I anticipate four years of snide sniping, self-congratulatory back slapping at every Mayor Ballard miscue, and a serious lack of debriefing themselves over how they could ever have lost anything. It just goes to show you that “smart” doesn’t always equate to “wise”, and I look forward to tweaking their noses whenever their commentary gets to reminescient of porcine effluents.

    Maybe if political parties spent more time recruiting viable citizen candidates instead of allowing whatever spews out from under the lackey bridge to run, politics might be something closer to what it was intended to be. Frankly, I am not encouraged.

  • anonymouse

    Varangianguard, I think I love you as much as I love Shorebreak!

  • Bob


    Ballard IS an accidental mayor – he was the protest vote. And over the next year I think there will be a lot of buyer’s remorse. Look at how he’s handled the transition – he’s already hinting he may not have his top appointments in place by Jan. 1.

    BTW, I agree that there needs to be self-evaluation among D’s. There also needs to be self-evaluation among R’s! I don’t necessarily think “citizen candidates” are the best – but the Marion County politics of family/machine annointment needs to go. We must have higher expectations…

  • varangianguard

    to anonymouse,

    Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

    to Bob,

    Maybe our concept of “citizen” candidate differs. I really mean politicians who are not in politics for life, their personal aggrandizement, or inability to get a job in the private sector.

  • Greg

    People can kid themselves all they want. Ballard was no accident. It was a message that addresses lack of leadership, integrity and ethics. Ballard is a name that can be applied to the message. It is probably more true that people unelected Peterson than elected Ballard. But in the end, it was no accident.

  • anonymouse

    I’m a good witch, although I have been called “evil”. ;)

  • Peeved off


    I don’t understand. While Gov. Mitch was selling the toll roads, securing funding for the Colts Stadium, visiting Asia for work, trying to sell a proposed bypass around I-465, and or studying I-69 to Evansville, and dealing with corruption regarding Heather Bolejack at ICJI, and privatizing/contracting prisons to other states, a prison riot at those prisons, and foolishly attempting to raise cigarette taxes to cover health insurance, and refusing to live at the Governors Mansion, and sitting idolly by as the budget was passed and refusing to utilize his position on “prayer in the statehouse”, or the hundreds of state employees he has fired over his tenure, etc, etc, etc, etc… You get the picture. A certain governor from the state of Indiana FAILED to address property tax issue. An issue that has been brewing since the late 1990’s. Gee funny how you selectively report the issues that project your career while the real issues get conveintly swept under the carpet for the common man. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Accidental Democrat

    Varan: nice observations, but I’m guessing you’re not a Democrat. Kindly leave internal party workings to us, OK?

    And if you think the Dems are relegated to second-class status, think again. This is a temporary setback. Not likely to be repeated. The numbers just aren’t there. If we Democrats nominate goofballs again, ala King Ro and Monroe, we’re in for trou ble. I sense the party faithful will not let that happen.

    Whether Ballard is an accidetnal mayor or not, I think the term is kinda funny. I didn’t vote for him, but I acknowledge his win and wish him all the luck in the world. Change is good for all of us sometimes, and I’m happy because he owes nobody anything. We haven’t had a mayor like that ever.

    And, for what it’s worth: check Webster on “imminent”, Varan.

    Yeah, Ballard’s election was somewhat of an accident. It doesn’t make it less true or less admirable. He pulled it off.

    He did so, in my humble opinion, for one main reason: Democrats failed to provide the straight-ticket voters they did last time around. By about an 11,000-vote margin.

    Why that happened, is open to much discussion. But those of us in the trenches have been telling the party big-wigs for over two years that the Council leadership’s nonsense was a drag on the party. No one listened. This crap didn’t start with Monroe. Rozelle’s leadership was just ghastly.

    It started and ended with a philosophy that race must determine leadership roles. Which was, and is, stupid. Qualifications and ability to lead–that should determine leadership. It’s a basic lesson too often overlooked in my party. In 2007, it was overlooked with glaringly-obvious results.

    Taxes…well, that was icing on the cake for Republicans this year. But make no mistake–in my precinct, which Bart carried 65-35 in 2003, he lost by a couple votes this time. And my Democratic councilperson won by about 54-46.

    Lots of scratchin. I think the voters were telling Bart what we precinct comomitteepeople were telling his hand-picked county chair a long time ago.

    A tough lesson to learn. IF we learned it. I have my doubts.