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If MLK Were Alive, He Would Have Shot Himself

I know that sounds like a harsh title, but it’s appropriate for what I’m about to write. In order to get a feel for the second Saturday night of Indiana Black Expo I worked the door at my favorite downtown establishment, Nicki Blaine’s, just south of Monument Circle. I originally planned to work from 9 to 11:30 p.m. but ended up there until 2:0 a.m. because I could not believe my eyes.

Let me preface this by saying, I am all for Black Expo. The health fair, business fair, corporate luncheon, celebrations of faith and other events all go off very well. I even played master of ceremonies for the Governor’s Reception on Tuesday, but all that goodness gets tossed because of a bunch of knuckleheads who come out on Saturday night.

By working the door at Nicki Blaine’s I got a “front row” seat on all the action. First, I have never seen so many young men wearing nightgowns and young women wearing floss and both calling them t-shirts. I saw so many young girls, many under 17, dressed like hookers that I thought I just got off a ship in Thailand.

The only thing worse than how they dressed was how they acted, as exemplified by the shooting which I had the privilege to be near while taking a walk at ground zero, otherwise known as Illinois and Maryland. All I could think of was “this cannot be the future of Black people.”

I honestly didn’t know which was worse. The pregnant woman with the white leotard outfit and pink bow around it; I’m not sure whose present it was. Or the four-year old boy with a grill that lit up like a lite-brite. He was out running around at 10:30 p.m. But I have to say the moment to end all moments was the young girl who hit on me while she had her baby in her arms. I wanted to give her daughter a shirt that said, “By my mom a drink! My Dad did!”

When I think of what people like my parents and grandparents fought for to allow me to be a full participant in the American dream, I just wanted to go home and set my law degree on fire because it meant nothing if these kids were the future. We are definitely losing a generation and I honestly don’t know if they’re worth saving after what I saw.

I cannot believe that when Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers were fighting for civil rights, this is they were fighting for. This is sad to say, but I guess the silver linings in their assassinations was that they didn’t live to see last night in downtown Indianapolis, otherwise they would have put the gun to their own heads. And I can’t say I blame them for doing it.

  • Wilson46201

    When one is hanging out in bars late at night, one should not expect to encounter model citizens of whatever color at their best behavior …

  • Anonymous

    I doubt the under 18 crowd Abdul was referring to were hanging out at the bars.

    My wife and I were downtown Friday night ( between 8:30 and 10 PM ) trying out the new Weber Grill. Just walking from there back to our car 3 blocks away was an eye opener.

  • WCC

    Abdul – you are right. The generation is probably doomed in large part because liberal democrat morons like Wilson will always excuse the behavior (as above) and blame bad personal choices on amorphous pseudo-concepts like society’s “structural racism” and lack of “cultural sensitivity” for the overwhelming and repeated bad choices (most prominantly, out of wedlock births and fatherless homes) made by those in this culture instead of requiring individual accountability.

  • anonymous

    Actually you don’t have to go to bars to see the knuckleheads, they just walk laps around the block or drive in circles in the public streets. Point of fact some bars would probably be safer than the streets. All of the shootings last year happened on sidewalks/streets. From what I was told there was only one incident where somebody was shot at last night that was reported (which is much better than last year), and that happened out in the open as well.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Abdul for your well written thoughts, and saying what only an African American can say on the current culture. Be warned though, Bill Cosby spoke his mind and was called many a name. I guess there is worse company to be associated with in this world than Bill Cosby though.

  • mark

    Wilson………oh nevermind I am not saying a word to you……you would just come back with some stupid answer

  • http://johpadgett.com/monticello Joh Padgett

    I used to work Downtown in various nightclubs years ago and still have friends and family in the service industry Downtown who all dread this weekend. The experience on the streets of Indy Saturday night are a mere drop in the bucket of what goes on behind the doors of the clubs. It’s been out of control down there for years, its just finally spilled onto the pavement out front.

    This is a being a considerate human in public issue. But it is also a common issue in cities that hold large events the world over. New Orleans has Mardi Gras, South Padre Island has Spring Break, Miami’s South Beach district is host to gatherings like this all the time.

    Black Expo is Indy’s big party event every year, we should be proud to be known for partying well. The scene you described did not sound like what you would find at Mardi Gras, Spring Break or South Beach. It was a mess. I’m distressed to hear about the pink leotard lady and the baby mama hitting on you. This sounds like a freak show.

    This annual event always has a lot of scrutiny and therefore a lot of criticism. The organizers do a great job of presenting their events with class and professionalism. It is a shame that their event gets marred by unacceptable behavior by event celebrants.

  • Wilson46201

    Mark: just remember that there are no stupid answers, just stupid questions. You’ve been told that all your life so it’s just as well you didn’t ask…

  • Martin

    Bill Cosby and Juan Williams share your thoughts. Maybe the Black Expo will be brave enough to honor them next year with keynote speeches and awards.

    Bill Cosby- Cheese Cake Speech at NAACP’ on the 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education


    Juan Williams – Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America — and What We Can Do About It.


  • Anonymous

    I think the Black Expo offers so much for members of the African American communities. It is the antics of the young people on Friday and Saturday night that ruin it.

    The health screenings, the job fair, the great artists performing – wonderful things for a city to offer.

    Sounds like the kids who were on the streets should have been at the church service in the Dome on Sunday morning.

  • Lamont

    Abdul, this is Lamont. You are sooo right in your thoughts. It’s only getting worse. As much as I love hip-hop music, it is partially to blame. In our generation, you had 2 types of musicians. Some were intellectuals, while others spoke of life on the street from their eyes. NOW…it’s absolutely ridiculous! The large majority of musicians speak about the craziest stuff…then when someone wants to speak of intellectual subjects…he’s labeled as soft. It’s wild for our children’s generation….and sad to say…it’s only getting worse.

  • Anonymous

    A city destructs.

  • Anonymous

    BTW – there was a record crowd at Symphony on the Prarie last night. White people, black people, asian people, etc. No guns, no violence, bring your own food and booze. I walked from the parking lot to my seat and NOBODY asked me for spare change.

    A city destructs.