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Parker v. Peterson

It looks like Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson will have a Republican challenger after all. Local businessman Bob Parker is expected to file paperwork today and formally announce tomorrow that he is running for Mayor of Indianapolis. Parker is a millionaire. And while GOP sources aren’t saying what Parker will spend on the Mayor’s race, they say he can be financially competitive with Peterson who has at least $2 million in his campaign account. Parker owns Parker Machinery, a company that works with factory equipment. Peterson is expected to make an official announcement today that he is seeking a third term as Mayor.

  • Wilson46201

    Lest it be forgotten: Bob Parker was the political genius behind the slated candidacy of Ron Franklin for Congress … we all know how that worked out!

  • Anonymous

    This will be Parker’s third race for Mayor. Although he did beat Phil Hinkle, who finished 3d in the R primary last time around. No one will give him money so he will have to self-fund if he wants a shot. That’ll be a tough decision for Mr. Parker, burn at least a mil of your retirement dollars to get above 40 percent.

    This may be a personally vendatta because Peterson finished the eminent domain suits against Parker for the Keystone industrial park that Goldsmith started.

  • Wilson46201

    This campaign is over before it got started – Tully torpedoed it with his revealing column today about Parker’s anti-Semitism. In response to Parker, this was posted in the Star:

    “The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council was astounded to read the comments offered gratuitously by the Republican candidate for mayor about Israel, Iran and the Democratic party. Not only is Parker’s message offensive, it is ignorant; and hardly rises to the level of serious commentary deserving of a response. We trust that sensible Republican party leadership will choose to disassociate themselves from these words on the grounds that the candidate has already proven himself to be an embarrassment.
    — David Warshauer, JCRC President
    — Marcia Goldstone, JCRC Executive Director”

  • allen

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  • Anonymous

    Another good “scoop” from Abdul.

    No more Parker…

  • Wilson46201

    Moderator: The fake blog link made by stealing my name is a hoax designed to harass me. Please remove the link to the illegal blog. The FBI has already been notified of this identity theft! Google is also tracking down the perpetrators.

  • Anonymous

    Someone ought to explain the offense. Use small words. Blame it on Croddy?

  • Ex Bart Supporter

    Wilson46201: Are the feds going to come and make them take down that site before or after they finish with their investigation of the pea shakes and the money laundering?

  • Please, Abdul…

    I listened Fri. AM to your guest host.

    I cannot honestly recall when I’ve heard more far-right conservative fear-mongering blather in my recent life. Straight from Dick Cheney’s playbook. He even said, in response to a caller, that if we didn’t take care of the terrorists in Iraq, we’d be looking over our shoulders at Catleton at anyone with a too-large trenchcoat.

    Seriously. I about drove off the road.

    Please, I never thought I’d say this, because you go over the top with these guys too, but:

    If you have to be gone (understandably), bring back the Libertarians to guest host.

    Eric either doesn’t understand pandering to a far-right nutjob caller, or he really thinks that way. Both are scary.

  • African American Republican


    Star reporter Matt Tully has done this community a disservice by distorting Mr. Parker’s statements in his column. He has singled out one statement from a fifteen minute interview to incite the Jewish Community and the Republican Party against Bob Parker’s candidacy for mayor a few days before the filing deadline. How convenient?

    I disagree with the response by the Republican Party regarding his statements and withdrawing its support of his candidacy. Obviously the influence is money, and Bob Parker has proven himself to be a hard working native of this community who’s character has been defamed by a bunch of “power hungry” white Democrats who could not play the race card against him using African Americans. So they played on the minds of the sensitive Jewish Community. Bob Parker is not a racist, nor is he anti-Jewish. He has proven himself to be an honorable, self-accomplished businessman who has discreetly financially contributed to many worthwhile causes in this country without fanfare for years.
    No other race of people have been discriminated against, disenfranchised or persecuted more for the color of their skin alone than African Americans in this country and around the world. No apologies given to us when we are attacked.

    The Democrat Party activists have always accused the Republican Party of being the Party of the rich or wealthy to pit low income voters against the Republican Party. There are more millionaires in this nation who support and identify with the Democrat Party.

    The audio tape I heard on Channel 13 was not racist or anti-Jewish, but the reaction to it was racist and political. Could it be the real money machine for the Democrats are their Jewish backers to insure that our tax dollars continue to flow to Israel? (Reparations) Or, has the Jewish lobbyist been financing public official’s campaigns to have future guarantees for Israel? For anyone to discuss or to expose the large amounts of money contributed to the Democrat Party’s elected officials for special treatment is a fact and is not anti-Jewish in any way.

    African Americans vote in large numbers for Democrat politicians and are ignored after the elections are held. Take a real good look at how Hillary Clinton as she panders to African Americans. She needs the black vote to win over a white Republican opponent.
    Senator Obama is a real threat to her candidacy as she attempts to maintain the support within her Party “on the black plantation” in the Democrat Party while feuding over large financial contributors in Hollywood who once supported her husband.

    The same Democrat officials have supported and paid Reparations to every ethnic or minority group except the descendants of slaves in this country. When the issue has been raised in Congress for my people, all that is given to us has been huge debates and denials. Economic racism prevails.

    Maybe it is time to have an open discussion regarding the amount of our tax money being sent to Israel while in this country poverty in the African American community flourishes due to covert racism.

    My people have had to fight and demand “crumbs off the table” since the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln. The Republican Party has always been in the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement, not the Democrat Party. Even today, we are denied job opportunities and advancement, a quality education, lines of credit for business opportunities, etc. Democrats continue to promote a cycle of dependency on government handouts to low income minorities, while Republicans promote financial independence based on an individual’s own ability to achieve…

    The cloak of racism is subtle, but thrives in the hearts and minds of white Democrat officeholders. Democrats have deceived African Americans beginning with President Roosevelt’s “New Deal.” Proposing dead-ending social programs which continue to enslave and oppress African Americans into abject poverty and giving them false hope. To date, the Democrats have not resolved one problem for my race of people.

    Jews control and dominate the media in this nation and have allowed for the stereotyping of African Americans as criminals and fools in movies and printed media. Anyone who speaks out against them are immediately singled out and ridiculed. Say it isn’t so!

    The Indianapolis Star owes businessman Bob Parker a public editorial regarding this distortion of facts. Think about it!

  • Anonymous

    why is Jocelyn Tandy so ashamed to use her own name when she posts lengthy, ignorant screeds as above? Shameful!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 12:49 How do you know? Why are you ashamed to use your name on this blog when you attack her.

  • Anonymous

    Abdul, PLEASE do not allow your site to hijacked by the likes of Wilson.

    And “Please, Adbul,” if you didn’t like to hear what was being said all you had to do was change the channel. I love Abdul’s show, but there are plenty of times I spin the dial when he gets on a subject I am not particularly interested in. (Sorry, Abdul you know I still like you.)

    The last time I checked, the program was a talk show. No one is complaining about Kelly Jack’s constant comments about not being conservative.

    America is still about choice. The tallyban isn’t here yet.