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Are the Feds Looking at Indianapolis’ Pea Shake Houses?

What started out as a raid at a local pea shake house on Indianapolis’ west side could actually be the tip of the iceberg. Although officials will not confirm, reliable sources are saying that several Federal law enforcement agencies are looking at the city’s pea shake houses for possible federal racketeering charges because of possible ties to organized crime.

Sources say the Government has identified nearly a dozen pea shake houses with net profits of more than $29 million, after payouts. And that is a conservative estimate. There is also reason for the federal government to believe that in addition to those profits, millions more have been funneled into financing drugs, prostitution and loan sharking. Money may have also been funneled into financing legitimate businesses in Indianapolis.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department would neither confirm nor deny the investigation; however she did say that this type of scenario would fall under the purview of the federal government because such matters would be prosecuted under the RICO statutes.

Sources say this investigation has been taking place for the past three years and has managed to gather extensive information from video surveillance, wire taps, e-mail, cell phone conversations and bank records. It is not clear if the investigation includes any elected or appointed officials in Marion County. What is clear is that things in this county could get real interesting, real soon.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see if Frank and the Mayor can change the tapes, emails and wire taps.

  • Anonymous

    yeah baby!!

  • Wilson46201

    Why has Republican County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi been snoozing? Is he paid off by the peashakes? Why does it take the Feds to take action? Was the local Prosecutor looking the other way? Why has Carl Brizzi been so silent on this matter that is his direct responsibility? Are the Feds checking out the Prosecutor’s Office for malfeasance?

    Put on your makeup Carl and speak to the TV cameras!

  • Concerned Citizen

    The Feds need to look at campaign contributions to local officials and those individuals that own the pea-shake houses. There is an uncanny similiarity between the two.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Peterson and Anderson are up to their necks in hot water!

  • Steve

    Hey Wilson…..

    Geez, if Brizzi DID do something, you’d scream it was political/racist….

    And how do you know he hasn’t done anything? Just guessing, or do you have actual hard info?

  • http://digitalfarmers.blogspot.com Sir Hailstone

    not to mention, not only would Wilson yell politics, homophobe, and racist. The ‘Rat controlled CCC would cut the prosecutor’s budget as soon as legally possible. Because highly placed CCC members are all part of this culture of corruption too.

  • Anonymous

    It is obvious Wilson condones all illegal activities by his corrupt Democrat officials and wants to blame Republicans for all of the problems in the community. His worthless comments should really be ignored. Poor Wilson, seeking attention as usual. Lately he has been more concerned with Republican candidates so that he can begin to dumpster dive. Wait to the investigations start and he will find out how much information he has been withholding on these blogs about his precious DemoRATS in the Ghetto Mafia. He is in denial.

  • Snark

    Can’t wait to see if Wilson’s mug turns up on those federal surveillance tapes!

    It’s a given that Monroe Gray, Glenn Howard and the Center Township gang will be seen going in and out!

  • Fed up

    Our esteemed Congresswoman Julia Carson’s buick was often seen parked outside the peashake houses as well.

  • Fisher Ames

    Wilson is really something else. He missed that paragraph about this being the purview of the Feds due to RICO statute. What a maroon. And Brizzi would no doubt prosecute locally if the Honorable Zhoolya Carrrrshon, Bart Peterson, Monroe Gray, and Frank Anderson would ever allow IMPD to do any in-depth vice investigations.

  • Wilson46201

    The Feds are allegedly having to step in precisely because Scotty Newman and Carl Brizzi were NOT doing their job. It’s odd that the same folk that scream for local government all of a sudden cheer on the Feds to having to do what the local GOP Prosecutors didnt do. Hypocrisy much?

  • Anonymous

    “The Feds are allegedly having to step in precisely because Scotty Newman and Carl Brizzi were NOT doing their job. ”

    Wilson, you’re an idiot.

    That’s all I can say.

    What a total idiot. I’ve not heard something so moronic in a long, long time.

    The depths of your stupidity know no bounds.

  • Deep Throat

    The fun is just beginning!

    Follow the money………

  • Upset Police

    Well, the prosecutor will only file on the charges that are brought to him. I do not think you will see Brizzi kicking in the front door of a Pea Shake house. He does not have that authority.

    Frank Anderson and Chief Spears have that authority. When they are not too busy ordering official police reports to be changed, maybe they could make some arrests and THEN take those case to Brizzi for prosecution.

    Why blame Brizzi when the cops need to bring the evidence to him first.

    Prosecutor prosecutes. Police make arrests.

  • Anonymous

    Three years of investigation and no arrests, convictions, or active effort to shut these places down???

    What’s the justice department doing? Making sure that the drugs and profits go to the right people? Making sure that the local politicians keep the illicit profits flowing? Incarcerating the folks who encroach on business?

    And where is that $29 million going? Does it get laundered in local business and get placed into bank accounts – where $29 million in hard cash means close to $300 million in lending power? Does someone have financial incentive to keep this racket going?

    Sorry folks, but when this kind of activity is allowed to continue, you gotta follow the money. And the biggest cash cow going is a fractional banking system that only needs to hold a small percentage of cash to issue a large volume of loans. $30 million a year is a huge incentive – that’s close to $1 billion in loans every three years – not including compounded interest.

    And don’t forget that the Congressional Record and other document show that Bank of America has laundered 100’s of millions of dollars worth of drug money in the past, so this isn’t a “far out” scheme. It’s the scheme that’s so “in your face” that local media doesn’t like to report it – because extremely heavy hands have a habit of falling on those who raise the issue.

    Follow the money. Millions of dollars in a local economy don’t go unnoticed by the banks. Combine that with several years of federal “monitoring” with no arrests, with financial institutions who profit enormously from hard cash, and with the fact that these funds ARE floating through our system, and you have the recipe for massive profits in the hands of VERY HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL FINANCE ORGANIZATIONS.

    This is definitely RICO, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it goes much deeper than what is reported. Public records tell us that big finance has been caught in the past using illicit dollars to massively increase it’s loan making ability. Follow the money and you get the answer to why State Senators are involved and get scrubbed from arrest records, and why the Federal Justice department is involved yet nothing gets done to stop the problem.

    This can of worms makes the Marion county murder rate look like a small problem.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t one of Marion County’s Congressional Representatives on the Federal Banking Committee?


  • Anonymous

    Isn’t one of Marion County’s Congressional Representatives on the Federal Banking Committee?


    Posted by Anonymous at February 12, 2007 12:03 PM | permalink

    Like I said in my 11:21 AM post, this goes VERY deep. Federal Banking Committee? Would anyone at that level have an interest in making sure that banks have capital to continue securing high value loans?

    Trust me – if anyone (ahem.. Abdul?) were to dig into finance dealings to launder drug money, gambling money etc, they’d find plenty of case evidence that not only indicts major US finance corporations, but that also includes foundational level support from major US law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It’s in the case history files, and members of Congress have been implicated.

    The more I see of this “pea shake” house scam, the fact that profits are so high, that senate names are getting scrubbed from police doccuments for showing up when there’s a bust, and that the Feds have been involved for years, the more I’m also convinced that this is a very high level economic/finance scam to fund the big players on the banking block.

    Good luck following this one to the end, Abdul. If you decide to “let it go”, those of us with similar self-preservation instincts will probably understand. This story goes to the heart of beast when it comes to how Wall Street keeps it’s numbers cookin’.


    Now perhaps we can understand why this Mike O’Connor was placed in as Marion County Democratic Chairman by Mayor Peterson. You gotta love Mike. In Center Township he’s like a marshmallow in a cup of hot chocolate. For a scrawny white kid from a former Klan town like Greenfield he sure worked his way into the Indianapolis’ numbers racket real fast. But then that’s not surprising, considering that blacks have never controlled the numbers racket in Indianapolis anyway. Blacks lay out their cash at the shake houses just so the white’s in charge can build at Geist. And the Uncle Tom’s like Howard, Gray, Lacy and Mays and Carson take chump change from their white bosses to buy a litle bling all the while screwing their own brothers and sisters and tossing a free turkey to them at Thanksgiving.
    Hardball, pit bull, hatchet man Mike O’Connor? Hardly. He took money from the wrong people and he gave money to the wrong people. He cut one bad deal too many for the Man. All career political hacks die sooner or later just like the Democrats who were exactly like O’Connor did in 1964. History does repeat itself but then most of these folks weren’t around in ’64. I was. I went to prison for 5 years.

  • Anonymous

    “Isn’t one of Marion County’s Congressional Representatives on the Federal Banking Committee?”

    Miss Julia? What say Wilson, Julia Carson up to her ears in this mess? Don‘t lie to us Wilson, the truth will set you free.