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Trust Me on This One Folks, I Find it All Hard to Believe Too

Normally I don’t write pieces that are too speculative in nature unless I have some facts to back them up. I’ve been following some items for a couple months now and have been able to piece a few items together. It makes for an interesting read, although I’ll be the first to admit it sounds like something that would show up in an anonymous blog. Luckily, anything I write, I put my name on it because my ego is just that big.

There is quite the internal struggle going behind the scenes involving the Mayor, Council President, the Sheriff’s Department and the Black Pastors. Here’s the deal. The Mayor and Black pastors have been at odds for a while concerning funding for programs. The Pastors wanted the mayor to help raise $25 million over five years for programs they would administer. The meeting went south faster than K-Fed’s career. So now the Council President, Monroe Gray, is negotiating with the Pastors to find them their money. Quite a reversal for a man who reportedly dropped the n-word regarding them a while back. By stepping in, Monroe builds a bridge between the Mayor and Pastors.

Why is this important? There is talk that the newly merged Metropolitan Police Department could go back under Bart Peterson. To accomplish that, the Democrats would have to vote for it. Gray and his chief lieutenant and fellow councilor Vernon Brown are already upset because their “juice” doesn’t fly with the new department. They’ve been told to back off several times by Frank Anderson’s right-hand men. In part, they complain Anderson has appointed no Blacks to his upper echelon. There have been quite a few private conflicts between the two parties.

So here’s the connection, by making peace with the Pastors, the councilors increase their pull, which has come under fire lately for a number of missteps. Secondly, the Mayor gets the Police department back. Gray and Brown stick it to Anderson and his staff. And if Gray can find the money, he’s a hero to the clergy and gets them off the Mayor’s back.

I’m still confused about all this, but this is what’s been going on behind the scenes. Now you’re just as confused as I am.

  • http://www.kenngividen.com Kenn Gividen

    Buying the pastors’ support with $25 million of taxpayer money?

    (for shame!)

  • Wilson46201

    Gividen needs to read the details: the $25 million is NOT to come from taxpayers money – the Mayor was requested to aid in fundraising from a variety of mostly private sources. Monroe Gray’s district is heavily African-American — it’s no surprise he might have closer relations with some Black preachers than the Mayor from Castleton would naturally have. There is no Politburo on the 25th Floor setting Democratic Party rigid policy enforced on all elected officials. There are natural differences of opinions as well as natural differences in the “base” of different officials. Folk strive to work harmoniously together but at times differences in approach arise – no big deal! Don’t always imagine gigantic political techtonic plate shifts or Machiavellian power-plays!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t thik they’re smart enough to pull that off anyway.

  • http://www.kenngividen.com Kenn Gividen

    Thanks to Wilson46201 for the insight.

    Private funds?

    I’m all for it.

  • Anonymous

    Wilson is kinda right, but it sounds like he slept with a Thesaurus. Damn.

    Inside the Democratic Party, there is much concern over Monroe’s leadership, or serious lack thereof. Three council presidents in three years. Anyone who wonders about the effectiveness just needs to watch a council meeting on Ch. 16. It’s frightening and embarrassing.

    If the COncerned Clergy members want toraise money for alternative programs I think some city money is in order to jump-start fund-raising. But only as primer for the pump.

    The whole police situation is the cause of much consternation, and, i suspect, not much true progress toward a good goal. Sadly,, cause it’s gonna work.

    Maybe they need to watch the fire department merger which takes effect quietly on Jan.1. It’ll be a model of decorum.

    Public safety is important. Political fiefdoms are not.

  • Anonymous

    Abdul, are you hearing the Melina Kennedy has a “big announcement” for next week?

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, what could Meliar have to announce?!

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