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Taxpayer, Can You Spare A Dime?

Actually, it would be about 85,000 dimes. That’s the amount of a proposed raise that is being floated around the City-County building for members of the City-County Council who want an $8500 raise.

Currently, Council Members make a base pay of $11,400 a year, not including meetings. Their base salary is 12 percent of the Mayor’s salary which is $95,000. The Mayor’s Office got a raise in 2000. Council members also get $112 per council meeting and $62 per committee meeting. There can be no more than 21 council meetings per year and 62 committee meetings. The Council President gets an extra $1982 per year, while the Vice-President, Majority Leader and Minority Leader get $1320. Committee Chairs gets $797. However, a council member can’t get two extra salaries, so if a member is Vice-President and also committee chair, they could only get one stipend. In a perfect world, the most a council member could make would be just over $16,000.

A raise would be a bad idea. Not that Council Members don’t deserve it, per se, however, when the City and County are faced with serious financial crises, including looking for $140 million to make up a budget shortfall, public safety obligations, crime at record levels, pension obligations and not to mention the tax increases that were passed, it would be very bad public relations for the Council to give themselves an $8500 raise. However, the way things have gone this year down at city hall, it would not surprise me if this went through.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that they ALL vote for it, and it passes accordingly. It will give their opponents in the 1007 election season that much more fodder to use against them..not that the group is suffering from a lack of controversial issues. I dont think there has ever been such a self-serving group as this City County Council EVER

  • Anonymous

    [ahem] 2007 election season

  • Anonymous

    Who would NOT want a 50% raise !


  • Anonymous

    What can the voters expect when they elected “hungry dogs” to guard their “meathouse”!

  • http://digitalfarmers.blogspot.com Sir Hailstone

    “…It will give their opponents in the 1007 election season…”

    Elect William Wallace!

    (apologies to Braveheart fans – no apologies to Mel Gibson)

  • Ernie

    This was sent to the CCC Members.

    Dear Members of the CCC of Indianapolis,
    It’s been brought to my attention that the City County Council is going to vote on a pay raise soon. I don’t think this is a good idea.
    The Mayor not resolving the contract issue and playing Hard ball with our IPD officers is insulting to the officers and to the citizens of Indy. The IPD has been working without an increase in pay for too long.
    Council Members verbally and physically attacking officers of MCSD, CCC members frequenting Gambling houses, our Chief of Police moonlighting and covering up for ball players, this is just part of the decline in leadership in Indy. The Circus going on at the Coroners Office and the Center Township Trustee spending almost $3.00 in administrative fees for every dollar paid out to the needy. I could go on and on. Until most of these issues are addressed and corrected the members of the CCC haven’t earned any pay raise.
    This Council is taking the citizens of Indianapolis for granted. And I’ll tell you this, I’m going to start watching the CCC, I’m going to watch and see who votes and how. Democrat or Republican, Center Township representative or one of the outer township representatives all will be watched. Strong changes need to be made and if they are not meet, I promise to campaign against the individual Member.
    First issue should be the contract of IPD and before the merger.Tell the Mayor to get the job done and be FAIR. As far as the rest of my concerns get to them as soon as possible, but get to them.
    This letter is going to be sent to other concerned individuals (about 60 and growing) and it’s going to be sent to several blogs. As far as I’m concerned you have all been playing around too long already, get busy or get gone. Just for the record I’m not an LEO, not related to one and have never been one. I just think that its repulsive for the City Government to treat the LEOs as second class citizens.

  • anonymous

    Ernie’s threat to campaign against CCC members must be real scary until they realize how well his campaign against Julie Carson and Carl Drummer went this year. LOL

  • Libertarian

    The CCC is delusional is they think their work merits a raise! Most of them deserve to be FIRED and I guess next year is our opportunity to do just that.

  • Anonymous

    Ernie, you and the rest of the IndyUndercover dolts can campaign away.

    Your track record isn’t very good.

    But on this issue, even Ernie is right. The raise is disgraceful. It should die. Now.