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New Coroner Controversy

It looks like there’s some more controversy brewing for the Marion County Coroner’s office. The Office is looking to hire Dr. Joye Carter as its Chief pathologist. However, a check of public records raises some questions about Carter’s qualifications. Carter was the Harris County Chief Medical Examiner in Houston, TX. In 2001, the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners fined Carter and she nearly lost her license for allowing an unlicensed pathologist to perform autopsies. In addition, in 1998 her office was accused of tampering with evidence in the connection of the trial of murder of a 12-year old girl. That same year, workers in her office admitted angry employees stacked bodies on top of each other in the morgue in violation office policy. And in 2000, a federal jury awarded an employee $250,000 for wrongful discharge for exposing illegal activity in the medial examiners office. The Marion County Coroner did not return calls seeking an interview concerning Dr. Carter.

  • Anonymous

    What a shocker, Ackles hires an AA woman for chief…..And a corrupt one at that…He just keeps trying to screw up more and more and the city just lets it keep happening….UNBELIEVABLE….

  • Q

    Does this woman have a medical license in Indiana? Will her past troubles haunt her to get that? It’s not automatic, and isn’t the deputy coroner that Ackles fired the head of the licensing board now?

  • Coronerinsider

    So Dr. Carter has a hearing next week? Wonderful, in the mean time I ask “Who in the hell is going to do autopsies between Friday and whenever she gets hired and starts working?” As deputies, we have been told nothing about it. What do I tell detectives and families when there is a case this weekend? We will get the autopsy done in a week or two, then you can bury your loved one or continue your homicide investigation…..I hope and pray every night that Dr. Ackles and his Chief get what they deserve…..Sooner rather than later.

  • One Who Knows

    Number one she is qualified! A Shortridge High School and Howard University Graduate and served in the U.S. Air Force; is a strong, intelligent African American female. Anytime an African American stands up to the establishment whether or not they are right in their efforts, you will be setup, ridiculed and defamed. How is it when an African American employer fires a white employee and they file suit, large monetary awards are granted them? When an African American files a suit against a white employer a nominal monetary award is given them.

    There are other examples but I will not list them here. If you do not have all of the facts involving these incidents in her past, be silent. Buck the system and find out what they will do to your reputation. The smear campaign does not have to be true, only believable or questionable. Indiana politicians are known for the same thing and have defamed many decent professionals, also have allowed the corrupt ones to remain in their positions for control.

    Marion County has had several questionable decisions rendered by past coroners who happen to be white regarding shootings or murdered African American victims or suspects which were not prosecuted. The media did not question the decisions or the qualifications of those coroners. Hoewever, in the eyes of the public, doubt still remains if there was a cover up.

    In 1987, Michael Taylor’s death almost caused a race riot in this city. The community was made to accept his decision as a suicide rather than an accidental self-inflicted fatal wound to the head in the back of a patrol car.

    Could it be the majority community is afraid to have a qualified African American female who was raised in this community, be in charge of forensic investigations? Think about!

  • insidersource

    The question of Dr. Carter’s history could conceivably be brought up in court when she is giving her “expert” testimony. If her credentials and work history are made to look specious the jury will not believe her testimony. Regardless of race Indy needs a strong forensic pathologist who has a stellar work history.

  • Anonymous

    The city father’s have always hired who they wanted regardless of their background and they have hidden information until they needed to control the individual. Do more checking and you will find this is so.

  • Look at the Evidence

    Race and schooling should not be an issue. The issue is her past performance of work. She obiviously has some problems and should not be employeed. I feel they could look for a stronger forensic pathologist with stronger credentials.