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Here’s Mrs. Dickerson

The wife of 7th congressional district candidate Eric Dickerson says he never laid a finger on her or their children. Paula Dickerson is denying the allegations in a 15-year old police report that her husband, Eric abused her in 1991. Paula says the police did come to her house responding to a domestic disturbance, but there was no violence. According to the police report, Paula has bruises and a red marks on her neck. She says she and her husband were yelling at each other she looked red because of her light-skinned complexion. County prosecutors dismissed the charges against Dickerson. The entire affair came to light two days ago, when incumbent Democrat Julia Carson presented the information to the Indianapolis Star.

Domestic violence is a serious accusation. Many women are victims and the men who commit the crimes should be prosecuted. But in each case, the law requires we look at the facts. And here is what we know right now. We have a 15-year old police report. We have Eric saying he did not commit the crime. We have his wife saying he did nothing. We have a case that has been dismissed. We have a case file that has since been destroyed. We have an accuser (Julia Carson) who has disappeared off the radar screen.

Draw your own conclusions.

  • Anonymous

    Mrs. Dickerson HAS to be a liar (either she lied when speaking to the police or she’s lying now).

    Either way, it doesn’t make sense for the Congresswoman (who will walk to victory notwithstanding) to do this…

  • anonymous

    Abdul: CALL VINCE HUBER. He’s on your show enough…running his mouth and complaining. Let’s see if he can verify/nullify the report on which his name was listed as a responding officer 15 years ago.

    Seems easy enough to check.

  • Abdul

    We have the interview on our website, http://www.wxnt.com.

  • Anonymous

    Abdul, read my comment in the previous blog post. I started it this morning but couldn’t finish until now.

    It’s not obvious that Carson did this. I don’t support her for any office, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be objective. And that’s not an accusation against Eric either. Savvy people like Rep. Carson don’t survive in Washington by making juvenile mistakes. Something stinks.

    If I’m correct, it would make good sense for Mrs. Carson to lay low until she can determine exactly who led her into this mess and where they got the document. A defensive stance now without supportive evidence would only solidify her fate.

    My point is that this is probably bigger than the surface picture presents. Nobody would willingly sacrifice their career over a juvenile stunt, which is what we’re seeing.

  • Anonymous

    The document was procured by one Wilson Allen – one of Julia Carson’s staunchest supporters and campaign volunteer. He’s known as Wilson46201 on most area blogs.

  • Anonymous

    And where did Mr. Allen get the document?

    If that record was purged and no longer exists in archives, that means that someone has been holding it somewhere. This needs to be brought into the daylight. Indiana voters have a right to know who’s playing with their election campaigns.

  • Corina

    Dickerson: Sixteen Year-Old Son Threatened At Gunpoint
    WTHR-TV is reporting on its 5:00 p.m. newscast that 7th District GOP congressional candidate Eric Dickerson alleges that a car pulled up next to his 16-year-old son at a northside neighborhood last night and pointed a gun at him. Dickerson said the gunman told his son that he knew who he was, and that he better watch out. WTHR couldn’t confirm if a police report had been filed yet.