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Indiana GOP Should Abort Bad Idea

I have always felt that here in Indiana, Republicans worst enemies aren’t Democrats or progressives, but themselves.

This became abundantly clear when I read State Representative Curt Nisly of Goshen wants to introduce a bill that would put a rape victim in jail for having an abortion if she became pregnant due to the sexual assault.

Nisly’s proposal would criminalize all abortions and allow prosecutors to file criminal charges against the doctor and the woman having the procedure.   While the purpose of this might be to eventually get to a Donald Trump Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade overturned, but at the end of the day we are talking about charging a woman with murder because she was a victim of rape who became pregnant and had the pregnancy terminated.

Are you *&^#$@^*@ kidding me?!

It’s bad enough RFRA, which nearly destroyed the Republican Party, Mike Pence’s political career and nearly gave John Gregg the Governor’s residence is being re-litigated because some folks want to be able to discriminate against the LGBT community, but they can’t use RFRA to do it.

Now there’s a proposal being floated that would make the victim of rape or incest as much a criminal as her attacker.  I take that back, she would be even more of a criminal because a person convicted of rape, depending on the circumstances, can get either 6-20 years in prison or 20-50 years if it’s aggravated.  A person convicted of murder gets 45 years, life or the death penalty.

Luckily, the Republican leadership in the Statehouse realizes there are a lot more pressing matters, such as road funding, opioid abuse, student assessment and maintaining the state’s fiscal health as we are long overdue for a recession.

No good is ever going to come from putting a rape victim behind bars.   And if Republicans don’t want to eventually share the same fate as their Democratic counterparts, they should abort this nonsense and stay focused on more pressing issues.