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Pence Wins Round Two

To be honest, when I started watching last night’s Vice-Presidential debate I really did think it would be as one commentator put it, “The Thrilla in Vanilla”.

No such luck.

Both Governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine were a lot more animated and combative than I thought they would be.   Kaine went after Donald Trump and Pence went after Hillary Clinton.

But if I had to pick a winner, it was easy, Pence.

Pence won by staying calm, cool and collected.  He spoke when he needed to and pulled back when it was necessary.

Kaine did way too much interrupting.  It was as if he over prepared and wanted to make sure he got in every line possible.  It really did look like your rude uncle at Thanksgiving who is hellbent on trying to show you smart he is when it comes to politics by not letting you get a word in edgewise.  Kaine would have done a much better job had he not interrupted Pence so much, because after a while you start to tune him out.

Now with that said, while Pence did well going after Clinton he did not do as well as he could have defending Trump and that will be the line of attack Democrats use, saying  Pence declines to defend his running mate.

However, Pence showed how style can really shape a debate.    And Kaine showed how interrupting too much can cost you a win.

Now the big question is this, if  Trump was watching, did he learn anything for Sunday?


  • Brandon Kepley

    So…facts and reason don’t matter? Just poise and polish? Not even sure about that claim. I saw a lot of grimacing, frowning, and smirking from Pence and heard lots of denial denial denial of easily checked facts; even on his own statements and record. Lying with poise; what a winner….

  • malercous

    Pence was certainly much better behaved than Kaine, no doubt. On actual substance Kaine won. Unfortunately his message was drowned out by his bad behavior; it was difficult to watch with his incessant interruptions.

    Trump didn’t learn a thing, he knows everything to begin with & is fundamentally incapable of changing himself.

    I’d like to give a shout-out to all the GOP primary voters who’ve made Hillary’s election inevitable. (I was afraid she was too damaged a candidate to have a chance.) Rock om guys & don’t ever change!