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Round One Goes to Hillary

If you’re a Donald Trump supporter I have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is that I think Hillary Clinton won the first debate.   The good news is that you have two more debates to go.

I think Clinton showed she could master a lot of facts and more importantly she managed to get under his skin.

Although I disagree with Trump on trade, I thought he did a good early on of putting Clinton in the defensive, however he lost that momentum.

I think Clinton scored some major hits on taxes and more importantly the birthed question.

But like I said, this is round one.  In previous Presidential debates, I recall Barack Obama in 2012 and George W. Bush in 2004, neither did all that great.  However, they both went on to do well in subsequent debates and to win their respective races.

If I were on the Trump campaign, I would spend my debate prep time pulling a Clinton familiarizing my candidate with the facts and being able to put them in the proper context as to why he would be a better President than Clinton.

Trump scores points on being more passionate and being able to make that emotional connection with his supporters, but he doesn’t have enough supporters to win.   If he makes some adjustments in time for the next debates, that might change.

But right now, this first round goes to the lady.


  • malercous

    Trump won’t change: he can’t. He started off good, but then Hillary baited him & he took it. She through him off balance & he looked pretty bad, not to mention petty. He just couldn’t help bragging on himself & telling us how great he is. I loved his line about how he has such a great temperament, that was SNL material.

    He’ll do the same schtick in the second debate cuz Hillary will bait him again & he’ll respond the same way.