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Let Johnson Join the Debate

I just spent the last couple days with Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson.  He was in Indiana at Purdue University on Tuesday evening and I moderated a discussion with him at the Detroit Economic Club on Wednesday.    After spending that much time with him one on one, I am fully convinced he should be part of the debates scheduled between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.    Here are my reasons.

  1. Governor Johnson is not a rookie.  As a former two-term Governor of New Mexico, fact he has more Executive governing experience than Clinton and Trump combined.
  2. He is willing to admit when he’s made a mistake, i.e. the “Aleppo” flub, as opposed to try  and avoid responsibility for his actions with legalese or changing his mind altogether without acknowledging his previous position.
  3. He is intellectually consistent, practical and thoughtful when it comes the economy, jobs, trade, the environment, immigration and national security.
  4. He is a really engaging individual who can connect with an audience.
  5. As more Americans refuse to declare themselves as Republicans or Democrats, a third choice on the debate stage is only appropriate.

You don’t have to take my word for this.   You can hear Governor Johnson in his own words.  I recorded our conversation in Detroit and posted it over at Indy Politics.

And here’s a thought for the Debate commission, instead of polling at 15-percent to make the debate, how about no candidate can appear on stage whose disapproval ratings are above 55 percent, seeing how all they will do is remind the American people why they can’t stand the current two-party system?


  • malercous

    Might as well get the Libertaians in on the debates. Some party’s gonna hafta replace the GOP in the next few years.

  • freedomluv1@gmail.com


    You missed the boat on this one…

    1. When the merge between IPD and MCSD took place, MCSD added 300 deputies and IPD 1200. But MCSD money did not transfer to the new department.
    2. Some facts were slightly omitted here. IMPD pay has increased 25%. But out of pocket expenses for insurance has more than doubled. On top of that, officers (choose) pay for fuel to the city for the take home cars and the city terminated their contract with a local carwash for those vehicles to save a few bucks.
    3. Riggs, Reeder, Hampton and Clay are well aware of the financial problems. Several new appointed command level positions have been created under Hogsett (see Reeder) and more officers are taking administrative (not detectives or beat officers) rolls on the department. A majority of those rolls can either be eliminated or civilized.