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Dear GOP, I Hope You’re Happy Now

I think there is a certain amount of irony that on the day the AP reports that Hillary Clinton has the delegates to secure the Democratic nomination for President, Republicans are scrambling to deal with the Donald and his latest Trumpism.

You know, the one about the judge overseeing the lawsuit involving Trump University.  Trump says Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a “Mexican” so he is against Trump because the candidate wants to build a wall on the southern border.   Cabrón!!!

Trump is who he is so no one should really be shocked at the outrageous things he says, but just when you think he’s hit the bottom of the barrel he manages to dig a little deeper..

However, for my Republican friends if you think life was annoying before, just wait.

Because people were “mad at the establishment” you now have a Presidential nominee who is going to continue to double down, make that quadruple down on outrageous comments.

And now instead of talking policy and offering a vision as to why conservative ideas are better than liberal/progressive ones to move America forward you are now going to get the Marco Rubio/John Cornyn treatment.

And note, the only people who will think this stuff is cool will be the Trumpsters (his supporters).  Those of us who are sane will have moved on to other things.  We told you this was going to happen, now you have to live with the consequences.

Hope you’re happy.  I’m off to get some more info on Gary Johnson. He seems like a nice, sane, guy.

  • malercous

    The Trumpsters aren’t the only ones who think the vulgarian’s outrageous statements are cool. Us Democrats do as well.