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The Irony of the Economy

How ironic is this?  Apparently the economy is improving so much in Indiana that the Department of Workforce Development is laying off 60 employees whose job it is to help people find jobs.

That’s right.  I found about this late last week.

DWD is letting 60 people go in its Work One centers across the state because it is losing the federal funding that pays for those positions.  The way the system works is that the more people out of work, the more federal aid states receive to help them find a job.   Well since Indiana’s unemployment rate has been falling, the state has been getting less assistance.  This year it’s been to the tune of about $3 million.

Now while no one wants to see anyone lose a job, the good news for these employees is that the state is helping them find work in other areas either inside or outside of state government.  And should the unemployment rate tick back up, those folks who are laid off are first in line to get their jobs back.

Now is the economy perfect?  Of course not.  But when people at the unemployment office find themselves out of work, it means that a lot more people are finding a job.

I take that as good news; ironic, but still good.