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Been “Butt Hurt” Lately?

It used to be that if you found something “offensive” you either complained to the appropriate individuals or kept it to yourself.   Now, with the internet and social media, we’re all butt hurt over every possible slight.

Whether it’s the color of a cup of coffee at Starbucks or heaven forbid, someone may actually have a different opinion about a political issue, for someone reason the Internet has become filled with keyboard commandos who feel a need to express their outrage over the latest incident that doesn’t mean a thing in grand scheme of things.

And I don’t know about you, I’ve had just about enough of these people.

I am all for a healthy debate of the issues of the day, hell, that’s how I make a living.  But what I’ve seen lately has turned into adult temper tantrums about some alleged injustice, reported by some psuedo news service that leaves out important information, like the facts of what exactly happened with the “injustice”.

So how do we resolve this?  Well, I’ve come up with the following.  The next time you see someone on social media express angst over some alleged offense, I recommend typing the following.

“If you’re getting this worked up over something you have no control over and can do nothing about, how about you get off the computer, walk outside, and go direct that energy towards something you can actually do something about, like improving the quality of life in your community?”

And here’s one for Twitter.

“Now that you’re upset, how about you direct that energy toward something you can actually make a difference?”

And if that doesn’t work, you can always de-friend or unfollow them.   It may not stop the whining and gnashing of teeth, but at least you won’t have to put up with it.


  • malercous

    Huh? People are doing exactly what you suggest–they are becoming active, protesting, drawing attention to their cause & getting changes made because of their activism. Your “solution” is precisely what is happening. Your conclusion does not follow from your premise, it merely restates it. (Did you even take a Critical Thinking/Logic course as an undergrad?)

    I believe the core of your discontent relates more to a perception vs reality issue. Kinda hard to tell though, your post doesn’t make much sense. Was this a 3 martini stream of consciousness rant?