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Quit Whining and Man Up!!!

This is going to sound weird coming from a guy who makes a living, in part, by pointing out society’s ills and idiocy, but is it my imagination or has the whining in this country gotten completely out of control?

As Americans it’s our God-given right to complain, but it seems that there is lot more it these days and a lot fewer people taking control of their own destinies and fixing their lots in life.

For example, at tonight’s Democratic Presidential debate I am going to do a shot of whiskey every time I hear the words “income inequality” or “raise the minimum wage”.   I should be passed out by 22 minutes into the forum.  It would be nice if someone would say “improve your skill set” or “pay off your debt and get an instant raise.”

But the whining isn’t limited to the Presidential stage, if I hear one more #BlackLivesMatter person go on about police action shootings, but ignore #BlackOnBlackCrime which is a lot more likely to bring Black lives to a premature end, I’ll scream.

And just so you feel better, the whining isn’t limited to the far left.  I can’t decide whether to break out the brie or gouda when the far right begins its whinefest.  For example, in Indiana, there is a certain segment of population who thinks if they can’t discriminate against someone based on sexual orientation or gender identity, everyone will start sporting  tattoos that look like three sixes and a giant dragon will be hanging out at the beach.

And don’t even get me started on the clown car that is Congress (the far right is actually criticizing Paul Ryan for not being conservative enough, seriously?!) or the clown that is Donald Trump.

Now, don’t get me wrong.   I totally get the need to vent from time to time.  I make a nice living doing it.  But somewhere along the line we went from venting to whining.   Hey America, it’s time quit whining, grow a pair, and get to work fixing your own problems!


  • malercous

    Still blaming the victims, eh? Not everyone has the intellect to “improve their skill set,” for every person who’s above avg, there’s one who’s below avg. That’s just how people are born, which you seem to think is just a minor obstacle, easily overcome. Or do you really believe that you’re just an avg person who attained your position in life simply by hard work? Have you ever heard of compassion? Look the word up, It’s a trait nice people have.