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They Doth Protest Way Too Much

When Indiana social conservative activists Monica Boyer and Micah Clark went nuts over a simple welcome letter by Governor Mike Pence to Indy Pride, I knew we had gone down the rabbit hole and fell straight through the looking glass.

The letter Pence sent was pretty standard stuff, granted in the post-RFRA world everything takes on extra meaning.  However if you were Clark or Boyer you could have swore the Governor was welcoming the Manson family reunion to town.

You can read Pence’s actual letter here.

You can read Clark’s “response” here.

And if you’re up for some insanity, you can read Boyer’s blog post here.

What Boyer and Clark forget is that if they want to blame someone for the situation Indiana is in, they should get a mirror.  They were the one who pushed HJR-3 and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).  “Traditional” marriage and religious freedom were never under attack in Indiana.  So there was no need for HJR-3 or RFRA.

However, these guys for either personal or financial reasons decided to go down this road and here we are.

So for all the moaning, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth if Clark and Boyer want to get mad at someone.  Don’t point a finger at Indy Pride or Governor Mike Pence, they should get a mirror.  Of course, in Boyer’s case I can see why she wouldn’t want to do that.

  • malercous

    I thought conservatives would welcome gay marriage, seeing as how they so loudly proclaim the sanctity of marriage & family values. No? Perhaps they were a bit hypocritical about that.
    Certainly though conservatives would favor gay marriage because they’re always screaming about “Big Government” interfering in people’s personal lives. Huh, no again? They seemed so serious about it. This is clearly hypocrisy now.
    Conservatives definitely must be celebrating gay marriage because now people are getting a civil liberty we’ve never had before. The way they shout about “freedom & liberty” & rights being lost, how can they not support gay marriage. Wtf, are you kidding me? What’s the matter with these people? Is there a word stronger than “hypocrisy” to define this? I don’t like calling names, but “idiocy” does seem to fit.