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When Bad Kids Get Worse

Pardon my French, but some kids just need a good old fashion  ass kickin’!   I have always believed that when there are no consequences to your actions you get out of control and then society has to step in and take over.

I believed that was true in the case of Shamus Patton, Simeon Adams the kids who who caused the January fight in  Castleton Square Mall and now a girl who has identified herself on the Internet as “Nook Babiee”.

If you are wondering what she did to make my list of out of control young people, watch this video clip and then come back, I’ll still be here.


See what I mean.  Were you as shocked as I was not only that she attacked the other girl, but also beat her 6-year old little brother?   The father of the girl who was attacked spoke to RTV 6 and says he plans to go forward with pressing charges.

But here’s what’s really sad, if I have matched things up correctly, this isn’t the first time “Nook” has been out of control.  The nice thing about social media is these guys like to document their behavior, like this one at a Dollar Tree.

Somewhere along the line someone dropped the ball and didn’t parent.  Although I am willing to bet the “parent” probably isn’t much older than Nook.

But it would be nice if people would discipline their children so they would know there would be consequences to their actions.  For some kids all that takes is a stern look or a lecture, for others, they need to be smacked upside the head.  Regardless, I really wish someone would have done their job, or at the very least have used some birth control because now we as a society have to deal with the consequences of their actions.