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Welcome to Castleton “Scare” Mall

You would think that if a few hundred unruly teenagers and young adults showed up at your business, acted like they had no home training, got into a fight which spilled out to your parking lot and law enforcement had to come out because there were reports (although later not substantiated) of gunfire, you might want to do something about it.

You would think.

Apparently Simon Malls doesn’t think, or at least think too much of the rest of us.

By now you are well aware of the Saturday night “Mall Brawl” at Castleton Square Mall.

Luckily, IMPD got everything under control, but this of course isn’t the first time this happened at a  Simon property.  Castleton had this issue in 2013 and 2014.   And while part of the problem are the kids who will likely grow up to be statistics, Simon is a big part of the problem, because it refuses to institute a policy that young people under 16 or 17 cannot be at the mall on weekends without a parental or adult escort; much like the one that’s been in place at Mall of America, which Simon used to own.

 You can read it here.

Simon has consistently fought implementing that policy here in Indianapolis.  Remember when we had all the problems downtown with youth violence a few years ago, and one of the requests was for Simon to institute that parental escort policy?  Guess what?  No policy.

If the Simons can give a couple hundred grand to mayoral candidates, surely they can come up with a simple policy to help keep their patrons and tenants safe?

I expect people with no home training to act like wild animals.  I expect better from Simon.  And so should you.


  • Young Werther

    If mall authorities pass a curfew that will only lead to more protests from your unruly mobs of teenagers claiming they are being targeted. It is past time for responsible leaders of the black community to tell their people to get their kids under control or be fined or face other consequences.

    There is no place in this debate for the white man or woman.
    The problems in the black community and around the country is the black man and woman’s problem now. This is not *our* problem. The white man and woman has done enough and their thoughts, feelings and positions are rejected by the many more radical black elements. Fine. Many whites are no longer interested or motivated to attempt to solve another 100 years of black issues. We are tired of it all. We don’t care any longer. Fix your own problems. That is the ONLY way.