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Take These Jobs and Shove Them

I have officially decided to quit all my jobs and move to Geist.  Say what?!  That’s right no more radio talk show host, attorney, political commentator, teacher, none of that!  I am tossing all that out the window and moving into the biggest and most expensive home in Geist that’s available.

And when the seller and realtor look at me like I’m insane I am going to sue them and say my economic right to live where I want is being infringed upon.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Abdul, how many martinis did you have before writing this?”  I can honestly tell you, not enough.  Because there is not enough gin, scotch, bourbon and rum to calm me down after looking at two measures being taken up tonight by the Indianapolis City-County Council Rules Committee.

One measure would prohibit housing discrimination based on source of income (not race, age, gender or sexual orientation).  The other would create a “homeless bill of rights” which would entitle the homeless to live in large camps of filth and squalor and limit the city’s ability to move those people to a better place.

Why are these items on the agenda?  Easy, because someone thinks they are doing good when in fact they are doing nothing but harm.

What good is it to move someone who gets section 8 housing into a downtown condo?  We all know what’s going to happen.   And if you really want to help the homeless, how is allowing them to live in deplorable conditions doing them any good?   Not to mention the potential public health problems.

But hey, if this is the new attitude that is showing up on the Council, which by the way this is being brought to you by the same people who posted the “hands up” don’t shoot signs at the Council seats, then why bother working.

We can all live in squalor together or at least sue the landlord who doesn’t want Section 8 housing on their property.

Time to go get a drink!

  • malercous

    Wow, why not have the homeless be declared wild game & hunt them for the sport of it?
    The homeless have it too easy, lolling about outdoors in all weather without a care in the world, existing just to torment decent folk by their very existence. How nice it must be to wallow in the lap of squalor & filth, happily unencumbered by shelter, heating or plumbing. All that & not having to work for it either! I agree they have it much too easy & we should make their lives much harder as that would help them see the error of their ways. Even Jesus enjoyed pillorying the homeless as it brought so much entertainment to proper society to see them get their comeuppance.

  • Andrew W. Challand

    The people I’ve known to get Section 8 housing assistance were all struggling lower-middle class working people. Just saying.