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Another Reason Not to Join the NAACP

I am not a big fan of the Indianapolis chapter of the NAACP.    In the past I found them to be outdated and particularly ineffective.

For example their “education” platform is really just a page out the out of any teachers union playbook.   And when it came to responding to Charlotte Lucas’ rant about minorities , whereas a lot of civil rights groups responded immediately, it took the local branch 20 days to put out a statement (there is a bad joke about “CP” time in there if you look hard enough).

So if those antics weren’t enough, we can add hypocrisy to the list.

You see the Indy NAACP had its elections for officers this past weekend over at the Julia Carson Center.  There was a contested race for President between two individuals, Chrystal Ratcliffe who is wrong on almost every issue and Denise Abdul-Rahman whose only redeeming quality is that she has “Abdul” in her name.

However, before the 400 or so people who I am told could vote, they had to show ID.  Yup, they had to show ID.  The same organization that talks about how voter ID disenfranchises minorities, the poor and the elderly made its members show ID before they could vote in this past weekend’s election.

I am told a number of members told the group to pound sand and that they’re weren’t going to show any ID since they were dues paying members in good standing.  I can’t make this stuff up.

Ratcliffe ended up winning by the way.  But until the NAACP gets a new mission statement and makes itself relevant, it doesn’t look like she won much.


  • AWB

    > it took the local branch 20 days

    That’s because they get their information from Jet magazine which historically runs 2-3 weeks behind current events. :)