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Me, A Liberal? Seriously?!

I have been called a lot of not so pleasant names in my 40-something years of living on this planet, and most of them were true.   However, whenever I get called a “liberal” I have to take a little bit of an issue.

In the wake of recent legal decisions, my position on same-sex marriage has gotten some folks rather worked up. Usually these are people who spend a rather unhealthy amount of time obsessing over other people’s sex lives as opposed to going out and having one of their own.  I’ve always said if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry someone who’s gay.

I’ve always  considered myself more fiscally conservative and socially libertarian.  I support vouchers and school choice, as well as right to work, reducing welfare and reforming entitlements.  I think the income tax should be replaced by a consumption tax.  However when it comes to people’s private parts, I believe they are just that, private.

In a nutshell if the issue doesn’t cost me money or infringe on my personal freedom or property, I have a hard time getting worked up over it.   Same-sex marriage falls into that category.  I just don’t see how two individuals who have given their informed consent to be in a lifelong relationship and legally assume responsibility for each other is a bad thing.

And please spare me the “what about the children”?   I can make an argument that on average that people who can’t have children on their own sometimes make better parents than ones who can since they have to jump through more hoops to get them and they can’t just go hook up in a bar one night and then leave us taxpayers with the bill for the next 18 years.

And while we’re leaving the ridiculous argument about can someone marry their horse?  That was an episode of Jerry Springer.

I could go on all day about this, but I have more important things to do.  But in a nutshell, there is nothing “liberal” about supporting or not opposing same-sex marriage. If anything folks who label themselves as conservatives should celebrate consenting adults exercising their personal liberty and freedom and agreeing to take responsibility for each other.  Would you rather the government do it?

Now I have to go buy some flowers for my wife because that’s the only marriage I get excited over.

  • malercous

    Abdul: At least since law school you’ve been confused about your political identity. You’re not a Republican, even though you think you are. Republicans are against abortion, it’s a litmus test you’ve failed. A lot of your other views are not in line with current GOP dogma either. You are much closer to being a Democrat than a Republican, but you seem to be the only one who doesn’t know this. There are congressional Democrats who are more right-leaning than you & zero Republicans to the left of you.
    But you still don’t get it, do you? I can call myself the King of Prussia, but that doesn’t make it so. You used to call yourself a Muslim until I pointed out that Muslims (like all religious adherents) believe in magic. Now, you properly call yourself a “cultural Muslim,” which is congruent with your beliefs. So why can’t you face reality & call yourself an independent or a conservative Democrat? You certainly are not a Republican, no matter how badly you want to identify as one.
    Everybody else knows what you refuse to acknowledge. While that is a necessary trait of Republicans, it is not a sufficient condition for being one.

  • Curious

    I have a related question for you Abdul. I personally cannot see how polygamy can be illegal if we apply the same logic to it that we do to gay marriage. Am I missing something?
    And I’m genuinely interested in your opinion, I’m not trying to lay a trap of some sort. Personally, I’d take the government and marriage argument to its logical extreme and say the government shouldn’t have anything to do with marriage at all, but that’s a different issue.

  • The_Amazing_Abdul

    There’s no confusion here. I would argue that my “Republicanism” (if you want to call it that) is more in line with the original GOP and not the modern party. Of course I say the same thing about conservative/moderate Democrats.

  • The_Amazing_Abdul

    Curious, I had this same question come up a couple of days ago. There is a legitimate argument against polygamy, it’s called maintaining order. Remember, most marriage laws are not about marriage, but divorce. So
    let’s say Kirk marries Grace and they have a child Spock. He then marries Beverly, they have no children. He later marries Troi and they have three kids (Ryker, Data and Worf). Kirk and Grace later divorce. He remarries and Carol is his new wife. Grace sues for
    spousal support. Whose income and assets are on the hook? I think I have just answered my own question.

  • malercous

    If this was 1860 I’d be a Republican too, but it’s not so, I identify myself as a Democrat.
    I just find it strange that you identify with a political party that hasn’t held your views for well over 100 years while a present day party does. (Obviously not 100% of your views, just the majority of them) Libertarians don’t identify themselves as Democratic-Republicans, yet they hold the same views as that extinct party.