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Good Government & Good Politics

I have always argued that when dealing with crime, more cops doesn’t equal less crime unless you do some other things, like keep the bad guys behind bars and mitigate the conditions that make new ones.

The plan Mayor Greg Ballard announced today does just that.  It adds nearly 280 more police officers over the next several years, while expanding early childhood opportunities to stem the creation of future criminals while calling for extending the sentences for current criminals.

The plan is funded using ideas brought forth by a bipartisan commission created by the Democratic-controlled City-County Council.  The elimination of the homestead property tax credit will pay for the early childhood education while the 0.15% increase in the public safety tax will get more officers on the street.

In addition,  the Mayor is calling for 20-year mandatory minimum sentencing for gun crimes and efforts to reach young people who drop out of school and start going down a path of becoming future criminals.

While I am not crazy about the tax increase portion, I can live with what amounts to a night out with me and the Lovely Mrs. Shabazz if it means finally addressing crime long term.   And the fact it takes ideas by the Democrats and just makes the whole thing even sweeter from a political perspective.

  • Bart Flies

    “I hate to be the guy who said ‘I told you so,’ but I told you so.”
    -Bart Peterson