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God’s Sense of Humor and Irony

The one thing I admire most about God is his/her wicked sense of humor, especially when it comes to dealing with folks who claim everything they do for your benefit is in his/her name.

I bring this up because my “pro-family” friends have been doing victory laps following the primary defeats of Northeast Indiana State Representatives Rebecca Kubacki and Kathy Heuer.   They claim in numerous e-mails that have bordered on manifestos that Kubacki and Heuer’s opposition to the marriage amendment in its original form is what did them in.  The marriage amendment was part of it, but any intellectually honest observer knows there were a lot more moving parts involved: low voter turnout, late starts by both candidates, etc.  But hey, in politics a win is a win, so I will give them their due.  (Notice I did not use the term devil).

Now where God comes into play is the day after the holy warriors declared victory and began saber rattling against other lawmakers who had issues with the marriage amendment, a federal judge ruled that Indiana must recognize one same-sex couple from out of state.  One of the women was terminally ill and wanted to die in her home state.  They were married legally out-of-state but Indiana did not recognize their marriage.  So they did any American would do, they exercised their God-given right to take their government to court.  And they won their fight.   The state is appealing.

And that’s where God’s wicked sense of humor comes in.  Less than one day after the marriage amendment supporters were declaring victory and getting ready to launch another crusade, a federal judge comes along and formally opens the door that they have been fighting for years to keep closed and raise money.   During the entire marriage amendment debate I argued an amendment to Indiana’s State Constitution would do nothing to stop a federal judge from declaring it unconstitutional and throwing it out.    And it looks like I was right, but what else is new?

When I witness God use his/her wicked sense of humor and makes stuff happen that people who invoke his/her name to make money and scare people don’t like, tt shows how awesome he/she is and how powerless they are.   He/She truly is an awesome God.


  • malercous

    Abdul, you should know by now that this kind of talk is why nobody takes you seriously as a Republican. Gay marriage means that all “real” marriages mean nothing now. The downfall of society is immanent, just like how the Scandinavian countries perished due to their unholy ways in re gay marriage. And talking about god having a sense of humor is heresy. Just because one laughs aloud while reading the bible, koran, torah, etc., does not mean that god is a comedian, although his writers might have been aspiring jokesters. S/he is serious; haven’t you noticed all that righteous smiting s/he’s done?
    That said, I think I’m gonna get me gay married now. But only for the holiest of reasons: I’m tired of waiting for the rapture & this should speed it up.