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The Smug Thug

Thursday I attended the arraignment of 16-year old Simeon Adams.  As you are aware, he’s been charged with the April 1 murder of Nathan Trapuzzano.  Since an arraignment is just a formal presentment of the charges being filed against an individual, I did not go expecting any news.   I wanted to see Adams’ demeanor.  I wanted to see the face of an individual who if f found guilty was going to spend the rest of his natural life behind bars.  I wanted to see if there was any remorse or contrition.   I didn’t.

Although I was not there for the infamous “perp walk” smile that he gave while being brought to the courtroom.  I was there to see his behaviour as he sat in the defendant’s chair.   The look I saw made we want to walk up to him and do the job some adult should have done a long time ago, kick his rear end.

Not only was he smug and dismissive.  But his attitude came across as the teenager who took your car without permission, lets his friends ride with him, they drink and smoke pot, get into an accident and wreck the car and then blame you for leaving the keys out.

To make matters worse, three of his other little “smug thug” friends were there to “show support”.  Note this  was 9 a.m., so you would have thought these guys would have been in school.  And the arraignment ended, when asked for a comment by the media the replies were “free Lil’ Red” (that was his street name) and “he didn’t do nothing” (that being a double negative means he did).  They chanted this a number of times.  You can hear them here along with another family member.

One of his friends by the way was named “Lil Blue”.

All I could think of that entire day was how my thought that some people just can’t be saved is unfortunately true.   However, I do take some comfort in the fact that if “Lil Red” ends up going to prison, his new nickname will probably end up being “Lil Wife”.

  • Disruptive Element

    The “Lil friends” in support should not have been given a pass to disrupt or not be in school if that is where they should have been. That’s how they take their first steps because of the enablers.