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Just When I Was Getting Ready to Take Indy Democrats Seriously

Whenever Marion County Democrats express “outrage” at something Mayor Greg Ballard does, I am reminded of the old scene in Casablanca.  (Here’s the clip).

They put out the following statement Tuesday reacting to the city’s decision not to pursue hosting the 2016 Democratic National Convention, which would cost at least $50 million which is more than the Super Bowl.

“Today’s move by Mayor Ballard is shameful, disrespectful and blatantly political. Indianapolis was specifically invited by the Democratic National Committee to submit a bid to host a political convention that reaps financial rewards for the city and global exposure in a Presidential Election year. Next month, our city is holding one of the largest single-day sporting events in the world. We have hosted the Super Bowl and are in the running for another. We have hosted Final Four tournaments and major stock car races. The excuse that we don’t have enough hotel space and private funding to attract a political convention is simply ludicrous.

Mayor Ballard was willing to ask ‘Kate and William’ – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – to a cricket tournament at his boondoogle of a cricket stadium on the eastside. He is willing to host the NRA’s convention later this week in Indianapolis. But, he is not willing to host Democrats, including the current President of the United States, in our city. –    April 22, 2014

I laugh because here are some other things they’ve stated in the past e-mails about Ballard and his “misplaced priorities”.

Cops Not Cricket

Leading and governing is about establishing priorities. Mayor Ballard has already threatened to veto this measure because he wants to spend $6 million of ReBuild Indy funds on a cricket stadium. Does Mayor Ballard really believe that cricket is more important than our safety? What are Mayor Ballard’s priorities? Public safety is the most basic responsibility of government. –   June 11, 2013.

Greg Ballard: In His Own Words

Greg Ballard is misspending our money with his backward priorities.  –   September 9, 2013

Regional Operations Center deal another example of Ballard’s misplaced priorities

Greg Ballard spends millions on bad real estate deals and cricket fields while our police force is critically understaffed. –    September 18, 2013

So let me get this straight, Democrats complain about not enough money for police or potholes, but think the city should spend $50 million to bring more Democrats to town.  And then they wonder why they can’t beat Ballard in a general election.




  • Rex Bell

    Thanks for the clarification Abdul. I just assumed it was because Indianapolis didn’t have enough hookers.