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When It Comes to Marriage, You Win Some, You Lose Some

I have a running joke I use in my standup comedy act about marriage, some days my wife wins and other days my wife wins.  (Rimshot!)  Of course marriage is give and take and some days one side wins and some days the other side does.

Luckily for both sides in the marriage amendment debate, they can both claim some sort of victory this week.

The House voted this week, 52-43, to amend HJR-3 and strike the second sentence and then it went ahead and passed the full measure 57-40.

Both these moves were enough to make supporters and opponents of the marriage amendment joyful and majorly annoyed at the same time.  Opponents were glad to get  HJR-3  amended but upset that it passed the full chamber, the reverse was true with the supporters.

Now the battle moves over the Senate.

Senators have the option of passing the amendment “as is” which would mean another session of the General Assembly would have to pass it in either 2015 or 2016 for it to get on the ballot.  Or it can amend HJR-3 and put the original language back in and hope the House concurs.  If it  doesn’t HJR-3 is dead.

Either way, I get the sneaky suspicion we are going to be in for a few more mixed victories before all this is said and done as both sides turn up the heat on the Senate to try and score the most important victory in this debate, the last one.