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Be Careful What You Poll For

If you are a supporter of the HJR-3, the latest poll by Indiana House and Senate Republicans cannot make you feel good, especially if you break it down and really dig into it.

While on the surface, an HJR-3 supporter might think it’s good news…

  • 53% of those surveyed support the amendment*
  • 55% favor amending the state Constitution to say marriage should be between one man and one woman.
  • 53% oppose allowing gay couples to marry.

Good news right, well this is why you read everything!

  • When told HJR-3 could ban civil unions and prohibit domestic partner benefits, opposition rises to 54%.
  • 55% says gays and lesbians should either be allowed to marry, have civil unions or domestic partner benefits.  Only 38% think there should be no legal recognition of their relationships.
  • 50% of voters say the amendment is not a priority.
  • 83% of voters say job creation is the most important issue in the state, only 35% say HJR-3 is the most important issue.

I could go on and on, but I won’t.   But you can see a copy of the poll yourself by clicking here.   Read it a couple of times and tell me what you think.  And if you want to hear my interview with the pollster, click here.

And by the way, this poll was done by surveying 800 registered voters and a margin of error of  +/- 3.5%.   So there’s a chance that 53% support is really 49.5%.    And please note, no one has begun spending the millions on messaging just yet.



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  • malercous

    Good to see the IN GOP is still trying to go retro. Yet another losing battle to engage in. The Right would do much better to look forward, not in the rearview mirror. It’s only a matter of time before SCOTUS clears this issue up for the haters. At least you’re not onboard with these dead-enders Abdul.