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Bayh Says Repeal and Delay Portions of Obamacare

Former Indiana Governor and U.S. Senator Evan Bayh says the penalties under the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act should be delayed and the tax on medical devices should be repealed.

Bayh made his comments during an interview this weekend on “The Costa Report”, a national radio program.

Bayh voted for the ACA, but he said with all the problems associated with its roll out,  that it makes sense to delay the penalties for the individual mandate while the government gets all the moving parts working.

Bayh also said the tax on medical devices should be repealed since it impacts sales, not just profits.  In addition, he says many of the users  of medical are senior citizens on Medicare.

He said the recent dysfunction in Washington makes him think that if he were there he might have been able to help breach the partisan divide.

Bayh said atmosphere is so polarized in D.C. that many moderates are either leaving or staying silent.  Bayh has been named as a future contender for Governor in 2016.

You can hear the full audio here. 

Bayh’s comments are about 30 minutes into the program.


  • malercous

    I’ve been hearing for several weeks now (Unofficially, from unnamed Admin. aides) that the WH was not going to enforce the individual tax in the first year anyway. Not that the IRS would refuse payment of the tax/penalty, but just that they wouldn’t enforce it.
    The gadget tax isn’t something that the Admin. wouldn’t compromise on either, but after all the hoopla the GOP’s made about Obamacare, it’ll hafta originate from & have strong Dem. support. Obama will work with Congress, but after what the GOP did he’s not about to bend to any of the right’s “demands.” (Why would he? The GOP’s looking pretty weak right now.)
    Pretty much, Evan’s correct; this matter could easily have been solved if not for the polarization/partisanship in Congress.

  • Dave

    Polarization on the issue of tyranny (violation of individual sovereignty, etc.) is a good thing. What part of the sh*t sandwich is considered “edible?”

  • pascal

    The asshole voted for it same as the other asshole. He never did anything for Indiana-why would anyone want him back?