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Poll Shows Bi-Partisan Hoosier Public Support for Common Core

Proponents of Common Core say a new poll shows nearly two-thirds  of Hoosiers support the standards outlined in the curriculum and nearly 80 percent don’t think less of lawmakers who do.

The poll, commissioned, by Stand for Children, the education reform group, was released today, just one day before the final legislative hearing on Common Core.

The state adopted Common Core back in 2010, however, lawmakers put its implementation on hold last year due to Tea Party activist protests.

Public Opinion Strategies, a firm that has polled for many GOP congressmen, mayors, and the State Republican Party, completed the poll on Common Core last week. Among the key findings:

  •  After a description of Common Core is read, 68% favored CCSS and only 24% opposed.
  • Even among conservatives, 65% supported Common Core.
  • 72% of Republican Primary voters say they would be more likely to vote for a Common Core supporter, or it would make no difference at all in their voting decision.
  • The vast majority of Hoosiers – 89% — say the public education system in Indiana needs change.

Out of the 68% who support Common Core come from all political persuasions. Republicans support the standards 74% to 23%. Democrats are for Common Core by a margin of 76% to 17%. The classroom benchmarks perform worst among Independents but still have a 59% to 30% favorability rating.

Members of the Common Core Legislative Study Committee will issue a report on the standards as early as Tuesday, but any recommendation is not binding. The Indiana State Board of Education has the final say on the standards according to Indiana law.

The poll was conducted from Sept. 23-26, and 500 Hoosiers were surveyed. The poll has a margin of error of 4.38%.



  • malercous

    Wow, I thought a red state would never have so much support for something right-wing extremists have been demonizing as the Federal gov getting all up in your business. It makes sense however, since Common Core wasn’t devised by the feds, but was devised by the states’ collectively; red & blue alike.
    Something new needs to be tried. Even though I’m solid blue & thought W. was a horrible Pres., I did give him credit for trying “N.C.L.B.” even if it set impossible goals which couldn’t be met. At least he tried. I’ll give C.C. the same benefit of the doubt; let’s try it. At least Obama can’t get the blame if it fails.
    Kudos to red state voters for giving a non-partisan idea a shot. Gotta try something.

  • Dave

    This poll is the likely result of LIEs: Low Information Educrats. Wanna bet that most of those randomly sampled within those categories have never heard of commie core?

    Let’s see… Gate$ Foundation & heavy copyright emphasis on curricula from which thou shalt not deviate without $ubstantial penaltie$ in the nationalized form of collective overlay imposed as “enlightenment?” That’s… education?

  • pascal

    I’ve attended all three hearings including the one yesterday. There is little reasoned support for Common Core. Some seem to be trying to turn the discussion into an R v D affair but it isn’t such based on the testimony offered. Even the legislator questions don’t reveal to the average person which political party is asking the questions. In my view, Common Core was a boat anchor for Mr. Bennett as he could not defend it or offer much in the way of explanation as to why he was. It seems fair to observe that Race to the Top money was probably his motivator as Indiana wasn’t then flush with funds but Indiana wasn’t for sale either. Glenda did come out against PARCC testing which is very intrusive, untested, unpiloted, and unwanted. Duh Chamber seems only worried about being cut out of federal dollars for NCLB waivers-schools that failed to meet goals they had promised to meet but couldn’t. I suppose the Chamber was complicit with IPASS in those serial lies which backloaded performance to the out years.
    Indiana is still not for sale. Look for the wooden stake.