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Lawmakers Agree on “A-F” School Grading Panel

Indiana lawmakers announced this afternoon they have agreed on the makeup of the panel that will make recommendations to the State Board of Education regarding the new A-F grading system.

Under the agreement, the new grading system will use growth and individual academic performance and try to avoid student comparison based on their peers.

The A-F grading system has come under scrutiny due to a controversy involving the former Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Tony Bennett.

The new system  will include a wide range of data as well as look at other state models for performance.  It will also ensure fairness of the system and make a recommendation by November 1.

The panel will consist of recommendations by the Governor, House and Senate as well the Department of Education.  Each group will appoint a teacher, superintendent,  principal and technical adviser

copy of the memo can be found here. .