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  • Peteboggs

    Our Constitutional Republic is defined in minimal or enumerated terms. Government’s place in our lives is supposed to be minimal. By design, anything government does is defined in terms of minimums. Why the heck should citizens be forced to pay for more government?

  • malercous

    Great poster for a sweatshop. It’d go good next to one saying “Managment is Not Responsible For Lost or Stolen Dignity.”

    It gives me the warm fuzzies to denigrate & humiliate those less fortunate than I. That’s why I love the GOP.

  • pascal

    There is no ending of stupid people and thus the minimum wage should just be abolished in Indiana. Then, the low information sorts could waste their time and ours on something more useful. So, listen up dummies. In 1909 we had the first minimum wage. Why? Well, firemen working on a railroad in Georgia was unwilling to work alongside black men. They came up with the idea of a minimum wage, set high enough to preclude any blacks from gaining employment, since blacks in the day had to accept wages lower than whites. The purpose-just like Indiana’s racist Davis Bacon laws-had nothing to do with “living wages”. Notice, it was trade unions in both cases who screwed over the blacks. The minimum wage STILL works against young blacks. So, those in favor of minimum wages are racists to the core and should ES&D.

  • Shane Decker

    you’ve done more to keep the poor…well poor, than anyone in the GOP.

  • CircleCityScribe

    Malercous, the Culture of Dependency, for which the Democrats depend on for a constituent base, cannot stand if our country is going to move forward.

  • CircleCityScribe

    …and don’t forget the damage that ObamaCare has caused to our under-employed! -Many employers who previously hired people as “part-time” allowed those employees to fill-in for others who were absent for their assigned shift or to provide extra customer service during busy times. The result was some “part-timers” were getting 40 hrs/week. ObamaCare has many of those same employers telling their managers those employees cannot work more than 24 hrs/week under any conditions. That has hurt those employees because they have less pay/less work under the ObamaCare rules. The result to others is longer lines at retail check-out. Did you ever notice that major groceries may have 10 or more check-out lines and only open 2 of them, even during busy times?

    -Thank ObamaCare for that! Under the Nanny State dependency of The Democrats (called ObamaCare) everyone loses!!!! Workers lose wages, customers get long lines at check out, employers have to pay outrageous fees into the health care exchange, fewer people are employed.