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War of Words?

In response to pressure by the Governor’s office to push a 10-percent income tax cut, House Speaker Brian Bosma penned a letter last month to all 92 Republican County Chairmen in Indiana explaining his hesitancy to adopt the measure.   A copy of the letter is below.

Bosma letter to county chairman from Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

  • Dave

    Reality #1: If this is a “family discussion,” the fallacy or discussion of government “creating jobs” requires correction & has got to stop. Be clear so as to be relevant- government does not create jobs, it’s a net consumer of private sector employment & at best (no disrespect intended) it gets out of the way (!!!) & creates positions & titles. The language of family is common & communicative not coded or evasive.

    Misuse of the phrase “creating jobs” is a sellout to the paternalism of state over what should be a preference for liberty.

    Reality #2: Indiana replaced the inventory tax with a “progressive” tax on property (aka 1/2/3); which this letter implies is a negative, as or when considered in the form of a “flat” income tax which the letter touts as a positive. Think about it…

    Reality #3: If your favorite restaurant holds onto your change from the bill you paid; that’s not a surplus. Government’s not a business & entitled therefore to zero- that’s no / none / nada profit from a nonexistent product; as we the people are NOT the property of the state.

    Ask you favorite public official (or “journalist”) about CAFR’s (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report), where they exist, how they’re reported, pledged or used & how they exist as anything other than surplus ?!?

    Q: When is a mortgage not a 3rd/ 4th / 5th or infinity mortgage?

    A: When governments identify them as CAFR’s. If you’ve read this far you should read more about these fascinating gimmicks of state(s): cafr1.com

    Reality #4: Pensions? Aren’t those government entities who underfund / over collateralized / pledge / promise pensions (upside down syndrome in mortgage lingo), also responsible to cut expenditures rather than raise taxes (mislabeled as “revenue,” a private sector reality). There is but one way for these entities to take appropriate responsibility- but spending in REAL terms.

    Reality #5: In real terms (the stuff most people use to measure), state government is bigger or smaller than it was a decade ago? Note: No can kickin’ click shifts to the half pregnant “logic” of public / private partnerships (public) or ignoring that 1500 lbs is more than 1200 lbs.

    Which or where… is the party of smaller government? Or would reality be (irrespective of excuse), one party of rapid growth vs. slower growth, government; both at the expense of net liberty?

  • http://www.thePoliPit.com JednaVira

    Spot on Dave!

  • Dave

    An article in today’s Chicago Sun Times points toward a growing problem for states, regarding pensions & disclosure issues (SEC requirements which should apply to referenda, public funding schemes, etc.):


  • Disruptive element

    “Believe me when I say that my friend” No he isn’t -They just want to push Pence around with their power plays- letting him know who’s in charge.

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  • Teutonic

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