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House Republicans Push Back

Indiana House Republicans unveiled a You Tube ad this week that pushes back against accusations by Americans for Prosperity that they are big spenders by pointing what they say is proven record of fiscal management and tax cuts.

  • Dave

    Whoa! This House Republicans push back piece is evidence of systemic disconnection; characteristic of an Republican establishment that “inspired” ~ 8M registered voters to sit out the November 2012 election.

    Consider the spin cycled, condescended code of economic baby talk rather than clear talk. Misuse of words like “revenue, investment, surplus or structural surplus,” is statist oriented not citizen centered. Government doesn’t earn “revenue,” it collects taxes (OPM, Other People’s Money). Government doesn’t “invest,” it spends OPM. Government doesn’t generate a “surplus” from “revenues” collected on a nonexistent product, it holds an excess of OPM. When play watchers (those hired / elected to referee) speak & act like play makers; they’re confused about proper roles.

    Property tax caps? “Play offs?” So called caps are a social engineered, “progressive” 1/2/3, depending on the sin of ownership. Party of small government?

    Education, yes & thankfully lots of progress there. But why hold back on expanding vouchers which are working in favor of parents or citizens.

    Pope Francis strikes a refreshing tone of humility which informs a fallen world of the the church’s true role; a man of scholarship reconciled to the principles of faith. Republicans (like their other party of big government counterparts), express no such interest in humility; or true connection, with principles & therefore constituents.

    Effective / clear communication, isn’t politically strained- but introspection is work. There’s no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or party of smaller government, in real net terms. Until or unless they make sincere course correction, the party of small government will be increasingly indistinguishable from the Democrat party; having “nuanced” the brand into obscurity.