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A Little More Blogging

I got an  e-mail the other day from someone asking why I don’t blog as much on Indiana Barrister.  Two reasons, time and money.

As you all know I write Indy Politics,  and I also write for the Indianapolis Star, the Statehouse File, NUVO and the Indianapolis Recorder.  I also have another couple projects I do some work for as well.   Doing all that takes up a lot of time, also there is money attached to those other endeavors, unlike here which I do for free.

However, you can’t ignore your first love or it will go away, so I promise to do this  more often.  Also despite the best efforts of some people who I like, although disagree with,  the insanity that tends to permeate the Indiana blogosphere these days is running crazy, I figure the return of a voice of reason is long overdue.

It’s good to be back.



  • Dave

    True to form, entrepreneurs are always working on the next thing.

    IB has been a premiere political blog, regionally & otherwise, for some time- thanks to Abdul. That doesn’t mean you should do it forever, or consider cross posting with / from your newer IP venture with intern assistance, etc.

    IP is a well done, fast scroll format. For those who don’t use facebook, is there another way to post on that site?

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    I appreciate you and totally agreed with you !!