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Balance Has Been Restored to the Force

Back in August 2011, I wrote a blog post about my departure from what was then Newstalk 1430, WXNT.   Like I said then it wasn’t a local decision, but a corporate one.   Well, literally a year and a half later we are back on the air on terrestrial radio here in Indianapolis, and in the most odd of ways.

On Fridays, I will be sharing the airspace with former rival, now co-host, Amos Brown on AM 1310, the light.  “Afternoons with Amos” will still exist, Monday thru Thursday, except now on Fridays from 1-3 p.m.,  it will be “Amos & Abdul”.  It’s a tie-in to the television program we do together on WHMB-TV (Thursdays at 11 p.m. & Sundays at 6 p.m);  which by the way, I call Crossfire, with a tan.   Amos will continue to provide his “progressive” prospective, while I will continue to defend the GOP Establishment  (There, I said it so you don’t have too.)

I think it will be a great program and a great compliment to the community.  It also means that when the Mayor delivers his State of the City address on March 8, the two of us will be there to offer commentary and opinion.

And here is something else to ponder, I don’t think there is another format like this anywhere in the country, either on radio, television or cable.  If there is, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Of course we both have our detractors, which is perfectly fine with me.  However, I think life in this town is about to get even more interesting than ever.  I hope you’ll tune in.



  • Dave

    This is a prime opportunity to inform; terrestrial sanity vs. extraterrestrial inanity.

  • Dave

    Yesterday’s show confirmed it’s viability to inform; specifically Abdul’s ability to articulate free market economics.

    There’s a bedeviled / embittered preoccupation with the personal business of other people (their assets, income above or below $250k, etc.) & narrative disconnect / disinterest in trillions of public / federal spending, deficits, etc.

    The mosaic bleed is an unhealthy, pervasive & wicked desire for retaliation through perversion of what’s supposed to be public policy.

    Dr. Ben Carson gives clear voice to the sadistic foibles of revenge seekers, preoccupied with inflicting categoric pain (their flimsy excuse), on people who ought be viewed as fellow Americans.

    Misery making isn’t leadership, by any category. It would be interesting to hear a discussion of this pathology confused as economics on an upcoming show…

  • AWB

    Abdul, I missed the show. Is there a web archive of past shows somewhere?

  • malercous

    Violating the nation’s airwaves is nothing to be proud of Abdul. Congorats anyway. Not a mistake; I meant actual Congo rats.

    BTW, Might want to reassess the value of our law degrees. Seems another SLU-Law Dean has stepped down, something to do with politically incorrect comments. When he first took the job he said “I’m not going to be Biondi’s butt-boy.” This wan’t about Biondi though.

    And Biondi’s going thru a campuys uprising. Seems he’s lost “no-confidence” votes by both faculty & the student Senate. Only the Board of Trustees, many of whom he appointed, like him. Seems he isn’t going to leave easily.

    Also, former Dean Steve Smith (remember him?) seems to be caught up in an ethics imbroglio with the Rockwood school district & had to resign from the Board.

    While you might feel the apparent unethical nature of SLU might not be a great reflection for its alumni to bask in, I’m not so sure. It does add street cred.