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My Top Ten for Indy

I recently did a top 10 post for the biggest political stories for the state, I figure I’d so the same thing for Indianapolis.  Happy New Year!

My criteria was  pretty simple: impact on the region, the newsmaker involved, etc. And yet, this is all subjective.  So with that said, here we go.

10. Greg Ballard sworn in for second term, showing Republicans can win in Marion County, despite what happened in 2012. Will they take a hint?

9. Maggie Lewis makes history as first female and African-American to head Indianapolis City-County Council. Brian Mahern has conniption fit!

8. Explosion rocks south side, kills two damages dozens of homes and all in the name of alleged insurance fraud. And they were idiots on top of it.

7. Council and Mayoral tensions crescendo in the form of a budget battle over CIB funding and $30 million impoundment of county funds. Not to mention, redistricting battle which could end up in court.

6. Eugene White job hunt falls short. Citizens suffer.

5. New Yorker Frank Straub resigns as Public Safety Director, replaced by Troy Riggs of Louisville. Hoosiers trade Big Apple bluegrass.

4. Thoughtful Council Democrats join forces with Mayor Greg Ballard to pass badly needed economic development projects in the form of TIF Districts. Poor people big winners.

3. TIm Durham sentenced to 50 years in prison for fraud. Apparently, love isn’t the only thing money can’t buy.

2. IPS Voters elect three reform minded candidates, Gayle Cosby, Catlin Hannon, Sam Odle. Total dynamic of board is changed, and for the better.

1. Indianapolis hosts Super Bowl 46, clearly demonstrating it can compete and do just as well, if not better, than a lot bigger places and opening the door to numerous other possibilities.

That’s my list.  Feel free to add.  By the way, my New Year’s resolution is to be more tolerant of the shortcomings of others.  Yeah, right.


  • Paul E. Tix

    Party structure is a card check impediment to the success of Republicans. Top down “vote as your told” is for dependents or kids- not enthusiasm gapped adults.

    Successful campaigns like the Mayor’s re-election effort, accepted no such limitation through sincere & natural bypass of outreach within the community. In an election (Nov 2011) when Republicans made significant advances, nationally (particularly in southern states), only one prevailed in Marion County; hardly a credit to party structure.

    Disinterest in, or fear of, ideology, is disconnection with principle; an affliction of complacence, the systemic dispassion of inarticulation. Principles are useful metrics; not an “outa style” false purity claim.

    When it’s all about seats & titles, you only sound like you stand for something; amateur imitation of team blue pros. Those bothering to stand, are more easily seen & understood. Significant progress will require the inconvenience of change driven by introspection- focused on principles. You can’t “message” the unfamiliar…

  • AWB

    LMBAO @ item six!