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Ballard, Council Democratic Leadership Reach Budget Deal

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and City-County Council President Maggie Lewis this afternoon are announcing the framework for a long-term budget deal that if approved by the full City-County Council would restore nearly $32 million to county offices and reduce the city’s projected budget deficit in 2014 to $6 million.

The following are the terms of the agreement…

  • The Mayor and Council agree to restore $32 million in County Option Income Tax (COIT) revenue to the County General Fund.
  • The Mayor and Council are committed to reducing 2013 operational spending by 5%.  The Mayor and Council will meet with agency directors and elected officials for individual budget reviews with the goal of introducing fiscal ordinances reducing 2013 appropriations accordingly in February.
  • The Capital Improvement Board (CIB) will pay the city $5 million for public safety in 2013. The money is currently budgeted for the cost of repairing the Capitol Commons Garage.  In exchange, the City, via the downtown TIF, will fund the cost of repairs.
  • The Mayor and Council will approve increases of 2% and 4% respectively in the car rental and admission taxes, effective March 1, 2013.An amount equal to 100% of the revenue from the first year of the increase will be directed to public safety (approximately $6.7 million).After the first year and beyond, an amount equal to 25% of revenue from this action (up to $3 million per year) will be directed to the City for public safety.
  • The Mayor and Council will form a bi-partisan commission to make a recommendation on the elimination of the Homestead Credit Subsidy as part of the 2014 budget. This action, if approved, would generate approximately $9 million in funding for the city.
  • The Mayor and leadership of both Council caucuses will hold monthly financial meetings.The Mayor and Council will continue working toward the implementation of a Public Safety Foundation by the end of 2013.

The Mayor’s office says the actions taken together will produce a $12 million annual increase in general fund revenue beginning in 2014, leave the City with a manageable $6 million gap between estimated spending versus revenues for 2014, and leave $42 million in operating reserves at the end of 2013.

Overall, the agreement includes $2 in spending cuts for every $1 in revenue raised.

The two sides had been deadlocked over the budget for months, with the Mayor using his amendatory veto power to reduce the county budgets by $32 million.

  • Nick

    So our Mayor wants to raise taxes and cut public services so he can give more money to billionaire sports team owners?

  • Randyknowsbest

    Yes, yes, that is EXACTLY what he wants to do! He also wants to kill your grandma, molest your daughters, and spit in your soup. Stupid comments get stupid replys!

  • Nick

    Perhaps the truth is too much for you. The mayor has approached the CIB problem with increased spending and more tax increases instead of restructuring a broken business model that clearly is not working. This is not a public private partnership. No one enters into a partnership to take all the losses as the other party gets all the profits. These sports teams must be able to support their own operations like any other business. If they want more public support, we want ownership interest to share in profits. (Like Green Bay, or Cleveland which owns the Browns’ name, colors, logos and history)

  • Randyknowsbest

    Then say that and dont say blanked statements that get blanket answers. Yes I agree with your detailed post.