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The State of Indiana Black Youth

A report by Indiana Black Expo shows some unsettling data regarding the state of Black youth in the Hoosier State.

There are more than 200,000 Black youth in Indiana, making up 11.25% of the population between ages 0-19.  The survey revealed the following…

  • The percentage of Hoosier families headed by single mothers was 57.7%,  more than double of all families.
  • Indiana’s Black median household income was $16,000 less than the general Indiana population.
  • More than 15.2% of Black children live in poverty. That number is 38.1% in Indianapolis.
  • In Indianapolis 16.3% of Black students are enrolled in special education programs while only 8.1% are in gifted and talented programs.

A complete copy of the report is below.

State of Black Youth from Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

  • http://www.thePoliPit.com JednaVira

    I would be curious to discuss with IBE what these statistics reflect about the community. Is institutional racism the cause of plight, or is it a moral failing within the community?

  • Keeping it real

    Just a bunch of numbers, as usual. Someone put a lot of time, money, effort, etc.. into this report and what does it say that we all don’t alreay know?
    How about putting the time. money, and effort into real solutions to eliminate the problems that they list year after year?
    Truth is, the people that put this study together are most of the same people that benefit from black people being downtrodden and needing them. Therefore, real solutins will never be found by these people.
    Black people need to look outside the curent political structure, or perpetually continue to suffer under the same old “leaders” they’ve been blindly following for decades.

  • CircleCityScribe

    -they would never admit it was their own moral failing! Geeez, instilling family values and work ethic? -IBE just desires to perpetuate dependency and irresponsibility…in its eyes, anything else is “racism”

  • IndyAries

    There were, what — about 40,000 to 50,000 kids here for Future Farmers of America (FFA). How many arrests as a direct result of them having their convention here? How many cops did it take to police them? Oh, how many shootings occurred?

    Now, what can we say about Black Expo/Summer Celebration? How many cops does it take for that? How much ‘trouble’ occurs? AND, does it take a LOT of police presence to mitigate the ‘problems’.

    Until…UNTIL…the Black Expo/Summer Celebration can have the same impact (low cost – high revenue) as the FFA convention, then why should we expect anything to change.

    Oppsss…am I a racist for pointing this out, or a realist?

  • CircleCityScribe

    IndyAries called that right on! Perfect comparison. Let’s also compare a few differences between Black Expo and FFA:

  • http://www.facebook.com/leon.dixon.18 Leon Dixon

    I can’t imagine a person wasting time over a” study” by these folks.

  • Ramon

    The ugliness sure has surfaced on this posting. I would bet that not one of the hateful posters here has done anything to help improve the stats. Probably, if the truth were known, they have added to the problem.

  • eee

    interesting that the surveyed have both high poverty rates and high obesity rates

  • IndyAries

    Nice to see that you’re consistently living in La La Land. Truth sux, doesn’t it.

  • http://www.thePoliPit.com JednaVira

    I don’t see ugliness, but I see people posting their observations. However, you bring up a valid point…what can we do to help improve the stats? I’m curious what your answer is.

  • CircleCityScribe

    Ramon, how do those who post here instill family values, pride, and work ethic on those who are the problem? -Perhaps cutting off welfare to those able but refuse to work is a start?

  • Dave

    IBE has responded to problems that are unrelated to its purpose or venues; much as the IMS has done to curb / discourage misbehavior unrelated to its mission.

    Racial generalizations of unrelated misbehavior, are therefore, reflex & not reality.

    It appears from IBE’s report, that the problems of black & white Americans are the same; colorless or clearly associated with the intactness of families.

    Why not a “Black Expo?” The civil rights acts of the mid 1960’s were brief 50 years ago! Other than rhetoric, how often can politicians be counted on to do “for” rather than “to?” Had roles been reversed, do we doubt the human likelihood of a “White Expo?”

    Even if we could agree that the starting pistol of equality sounded 50 years ago; those Americans who were finally offered their rightful sovereignty, started that race an entire lap or more behind (!!!), and likely had instincts to run from the sound of any shot.

    Racially, significant progress has been made in 50 years. Unfortunately, the American family has been in a state of multicolored decline; paved with public policies, excused by “good intent.”

    Fair minded, isn’t condescending or patronizing public policy; but an American policy of spirit & mind. We need leaders, those who spend time thinking; vs. spending & binding us, in service to themselves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leon.dixon.18 Leon Dixon

    Now, Dave-the statistics in Losing Ground tell a much different story than the myth you refer to. They show real progress up to the Great Society. By 1968 “benign neglect” was the recommended policy and matters have greatly declined since then. Any progress I’ve noticed has come from the reform of welfare caused by this one book.

  • Dave

    No disagreement regarding progress as measured in stability of family; socialism aka Great Society existing in name only & therefore the myth.

    Progress has been / is, next gen, person : person, neighbor : neighbor; a trued or cleared vision of people as human beings unobstructed by opacity or agenda of colors.

    However, we do have living among us, now, an older generation of people who lived & suffered under “Jim Crow.” Sure, that’s not the future (who wants that?), but try telling them that it wasn’t the past & they just need to trust & “get over it.” That doesn’t work for survivors of any atrocity; irrespective of race or religion, from Zimbabwean White farmers to Coptic Christians.

  • Ramon

    Perhaps some who post here need to leave their White fiefdoms and experience the diversity of our community. It is quite exciting. There are so many positives and some problems but the problems are not that much different that in the majority community except that you have to add racism to the snapshot. The problems of poverty of all races is huge. I go back to my original question: What have you done to improve the stats? Posting and bitching doesn’t count is it doesn’t help.

  • http://www.thePoliPit.com JednaVira

    Your statement that “…the problems are not that much different than in the majority community” is simply not true. IBE’s own study bears this fact! If you would like me to list statistics I would be more than happy to reply with a whole bunch of them, but my question to you, which you never answered, is “What can we do to help improve the stats?” You accuse those who have posted on here as complaining but not doing anything to help…tell us…what is it we should do?

  • CircleCityScribe

    Dave, allow me to answer some of your issues:

    “IBE has responded to problems that are unrelated to its purpose or venues; much as the IMS has done to curb / discourage misbehavior unrelated to its mission.” -What effective action have they taken? -NONE! Did they reimburse the City for having every police officer in the city on-duty the night of their event? Did they continue to hold a rap concert? (2 rappers murdered recently here….doesn’t rap music promote the violence, lawlessness & rape and lack of family values?) IBE still holds night events, even though that is when the shootings/riots/curfew issues occur.

    “Why not a “Black Expo?” That answer is simple: –Because they can’t hold it without violence and lawlessness! The event was expelled from Atlanta for the violence. Why don’t they just send it to Detroit?

  • Dave

    A to Q#1: The 10 point coalition & people like Rev Harrison patrolled streets & worked with police to squelch problems; again, unrelated to the mission of IBE. You’re perhaps focused on a mischaracterization of that mission… not to mention ignoring other music of folks like Kurt Cobain, Wendy O Williams & The Plasmatics, Styx, Queen, AC / DC… Are you asserting that there aren’t haven’t been “artists” with violent messages featured at the IMS?

    A to Q#2: “They?” Might they be part of we? And we, had an “uneventful” expo this year. What commensurate “grasp” do you possess of Indy 500 Speedway history & misbehavior unrelated to its mission?

    Note to CCS: The mission of the IBE & IMS, isn’t violence.

  • CircleCityScribe

    Rebuttal to Q1: WRTV’s Jack Rinehart says Byron Alston, representing the 10 Point Coaition you refer to showed up at
    Mayor Ballard’s meeting with members of the concerned clergy this week, and was a
    guest on Amos Brown’s talk show and attended Rev. Al Sharpton’s rally all while
    he was supposed to be home under house arrest! This was a condition of his conviction for habitual criminal sex crime. -and, YES, I am asserting that there aren’t/haven’t been “artists” with violent messages featured at the IMS! Please give any examples, Dave! (you can’t???)

    Rebuttal to Q2: NEVER in history has The Largest Spectator Event in the World, The Indy 500, required ALL POLICE IN THE CITY to be on duty at the same time….unlike Black Expo, where that has been a requirement for years!!!!

    Note to Dave: The effect of IBE has been to rationalize rioting, lawlessness, gunfire, murder as “not related to Black Expo”….it’s like a broken record we hear every year, yet the violence and lawlessness occurs….

  • http://www.facebook.com/leon.dixon.18 Leon Dixon

    Perhaps the new leader will steer a different and better direction?

  • AWB

    What we need to combat this is more government programs and more tax payer cash thrown at the situation.

    Oh…wait…it was government intrusion and government do-gooders who allowed this problem to fester to begin with.

    Until folks can step up and tell people mediocrity (in education, life, behavior) is no longer the standard to achieve this BS will never change.

  • AWB


    Let me spin a little tale for you. I have rental properties which are on the near south side of Indy. They’re south of Fountain Square where the area is nearly 90% white folks.

    Every time I go there, the cops have someone (a white person) sitting on the curb, cuffed, or leaned over a patrol car. Go to Indy911calls.com and look at the area. It looks like a DMZ.

    Whenever I go there, to collect rent, etc, I’m armed…always. Theft is rampant as are robberies.

    Going a little further, every single tenant I’ve talked to or rented to (all white except for renting to a Black woman and some Hispanics) were on multiple forms of government handouts yet, in some cases, had all sorts expensive electronics.

    All but a handful of these tenants ever fulfilled their leases. All but a handful treated the rental worse than an animal would; Few had respect for themselves, others, or the property.

    All had some sort of criminal record including violence and/or drugs.

    It’s a wonder children aren’t abducted as I see them roaming the streets at all hours of the day, including school hours.

    So don’t pretend violence and mayhem is endemic to Black folks alone.

    White folks on the south side do this s### all the time, 24-7, but it just doesn’t make the news.

  • CircleCityScribe

    There you go again, Ramon, throwing the race card. You sound like Wilson…..

    …and in the Wilson tradition, you ignore the key question that Jedna Vira asked….we await your answer.

  • Dave

    Ok CCS, here’s a re-rebuttal.

    Not sure, but, you seem to suggest that IBE is different than the IMS, by promoting something other than its mission; which like the IMS, is contrary to the misbehavior of those disassociated with that mission.

    Ask the city or Mayor’s office about crimes & violence averted due to the intervention of Reverend Harrison & the Ten Point Coalition. Misdeeds of those associated with but contrary to, the mission of an organization which rebukes those misdeeds, reflects upon that individual. Sure, a guy who puts himself between citizens & danger will encounter a greater share of danger. If you’re interested in the efficacy of their efforts, meet with Reverend Harrison- you may find that you’re impressed with his decency & commitment. Many share your public funding concern (subsidized art, sport, etc.), but many of the aforementioned requisitioned dollars (if memory serves), are grant funding.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd was one of the bands featured at the IMS this year (Gimme back my bullets, Saturday Night Special, etc.). A retrospective of featured bands & comprehensive lyrics review would reveal objectionable material akin to that which you associate with IBE. Having attended many races & visited the snake pit; objectionable music (violent, etc., lyrics) has been featured at the IMS, including this year’s snake pit. While I enjoy IMS events, I won’t claim any recreational piety over my IBE venue experiences. Expo is no more a crime catalyst than any other public event; or no more than a home is somehow an invitation to burglars.

    For several years, my bride & I lived across Pennsylvania from a perennial IBE music venue; good music, food & dancing, that during those years became an annual friends & family event as well. We likewise saw things we considered objectionable; but, by no greater frequency than other like sized events we’ve experienced. The myth is any suggestion that these problems are explicitly racial- they’re not, they’re cultural, even tele-cultural (default steerage made possible, by a not so great society system of undereducation).

    Considering black Americans have only been recognized as full participants during the last 50 years; IBE is an American celebration, of the underdog & survivor. While fauxgressives seek to exploit & divide; most conciously sovereign people want to get down the road & do their living. Forget the racial divide, it adds NOTHING of value to human progress or American culture.

  • CircleCityScribe

    Laugh! -Dave you sound like the paid PR guy for Black Expo. You are truly a master of propaganda and disinformation. -Too bad you lack fact…but then, that is what propaganda is. I have sur-rebuttal, sit down:

    1) There has NOT been a snake pit at the IMS for many years. When it was there, it didn’t take nearly as many police to control as Black Expo. Never was every police officer in the city called to duty for a race, and that includes for traffic and crowd control both.
    2) Laugh at your suggestion that Lynyrd Skynyrd is violent! What recording of his has a MA warning label on it??? No songs of rape or murder. None.
    3)Your comment “Ask the city or Mayor’s office about crimes & violence averted due to the intervention of Reverend Harrison & the Ten Point Coalition.” You can’t be serious! -The answer is ZERO. However, I’m sure you’ll get a canned statement about “they do good things.” Truth is: a 10 Point Coalition that includes violent sex offender not only isn’t taken seriously, but is a joke. They deserve ZERO tax dollars.
    4) Your comment that “Expo is no more a crime catalyst than any other public event” is so off that I wonder if you have been smoking pot in Spokane. I don’t recall riots, shots fired, murder, people scared to go downtown to work/visit when there is a Pacers game, Colts game, circus, Disney on Ice, Symphony (all attract more visitors than Black Expo). You cannot seriously make that outrageous statement….no way! Black Expo is the catalyst!!!
    Admit you have not made any contribution for thought here, just tried blowing false innuendo to divert attendtion from the thread. Fact is, to improve the problems identified in the report the community (Expo especially) must yield to education, family values, pride, and respect.

  • CircleCityScribe

    Colin Flaherty wrote how Black Expo is inescapably tied to race violence at: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2896260/posts

    Journalist Senica Harris, wrote about Black Expo, the fear, and the hypocricy of Al Sharpton, see video at:


  • CircleCityScribe

    Expo’s apparent PR rep, known as “Dave” here, should take a look at the treatise at:

    Then watch the commentary at:


    Now, what do you think about this matter???

  • IndyAries

    I’m sorry, but I thought we were talking about the FFA convention and the IBE/Summer Celebration.

    Have you any relevant commentary on that topic?

  • Dave

    Where does one begin CCS?

    FYI: Disinformation??? It ain’t hard to find… Given your distrust of me personal account (Snake Pit 2012), go to your other than public funded bricks & mortar, lap top library, check your favorite search engine & read more about this year’s third annual “new” snake pit: http://www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com/indy500/eventinfo/50956/

    “Light ’em up & lay ’em down,” Murder In The First Degree, L. Skynyrd. CCS, there are many more that better make “the point.” This stuff’s searchable & you don’t have to go back that far.

    Perhaps if you made an effort to meet with folks like Reverend Harrison you’d appreciate that they care as much about this city as you claim to. Is that somehow an unreasonable suggestion?

  • CircleCityScribe

    -cough, Dave, are you diverting the thread with disinformation and propaganda because you have no fact on the matter at hand?

  • http://www.facebook.com/leon.dixon.18 Leon Dixon

    When are we no longer going to give any credence at all to the “we was slaves” mythology? Sandra Day O’Connor suggested 25 years of more affirmative action was needed and that such would be “constitutional” in her opinion. The SC is revisiting that stupidity shortly-but-folks need to name a date certain and say to themselves and others-after this date no more using of that excuse.

  • Dave

    Bless you… awaiting your right click veritas. Click on that IMS link & you’ll be directed to verity of the mod day snake pit or report it in error.

  • AWB

    IndyAries? Since when has any comment section stuck specifically to the subject matter at hand without deviation? Hell! When has THIS subject matter ever done that? I guess in your case when it moves to things you rather not discuss it’s better to stick to the subject matter at hand. :)

  • CircleCityScribe

    Dave, why do I have to keep reminding you this thread is about Black Expo’s report?

  • Dave

    Visa vi its response & ongoing efforts, IBE joined the city in condemning that which is unrelated to its mission; violence. To suggest otherwise is to mischaracterize their mission.

    Many of us have read stories contemporaneous with unfortunate violence of past years, in proximity to Summer Celebration but off venue. Many also read stories about this year’s “uneventful” version & would consider those stories “on thread.” Thanks for the referential links CCS, but the IMS didn’t condone setting cars on fire in the infield during the Indy, but I’ve seen stuff like that happen along with thousands of other people.

    T’was your on thread assertion CCS, of the snake pit’s nonexistence that inspired the referentially corrective link.

    Of course violence is a problem. But, is it really fair to suggest that IBE wants it?

  • CircleCityScribe

    Dave, are you diverting the thread with disinformation and propaganda because you have no fact or intelligent thought on the matter at hand?

    Thoughtful, relevant commentary can be found at the below link with good video.


  • CircleCityScribe

    Menahem Steinberg said it: “The attitude of contempt is the dominant characteristic. The attitude of contempt is directed against society and the underclass itself. The attitude of contempt is acted out against society through vandalism, crime and exploitation of society`s institutions. The attitude of contempt is acted out by people against themselves by rejecting education, hygenic living and by practicing self-destructive behavior.” Paternalistic bureaucrats and politicians perpetuate it with never-ending welfare.

    Until that is rejected in favor of family values, pride, and work ethic the numbers in the report will not get better.

  • Dave

    As explained, read the WND piece @ time of publication. But that doesn’t divert us from other inaccuracies….

  • IndyAries

    The below news article is ON-POINT to this topic. Click the link, read the article, and look at the pictures.

    Why are cigarette smokers treated much worse than these dead beat dads (and their walking baby incubators)?



    ‘I should sterilize you’: Deadbeat dad of nine agrees to judge’s order to stop having kids

    Corey Curtis, 44, owes about $90,000 in back child support and interest to the mothers of his children

    Agrees with judge’s order to curb his excessive breeding as a condition of a three-year probation term

    America’s most infamous baby machine, Desmond Hatchett of Tennessee, has fathered more than 20 children with 11 women

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    PUBLISHED: 15:49 EST, 8 December 2012 | UPDATED: 15:49
    EST, 8 December 2012

    A Wisconsin father of nine who’s behind on child support
    payments has allegedly agreed with a judge’s order not to have any more children until he can show he can provide for them.

    Corey Curtis, who fathered the children with six women,
    owes nearly $100,000 in back child support and interest, according to Racine County prosecutors.

    In sentencing the 44-year-old father Monday in Racine
    County Circuit Court for failing to pay support, Judge Tim Boyle lamented that he didn’t have the authority to order sterilization for Curtis.

    ‘Common sense dictates you shouldn’t have kids you can’t
    afford,’ the judge said.

    Assistant District Attorney Rebecca Sommers told the
    judge he did have some authority regarding Curtis’ reproduction rights. Sommers cited a 2001 Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling upholding a judge’s power to order a defendant, as a condition of probation, to not procreate again unless he can show he can financially support the child.

    ‘I will make that a condition of the probation,’ Boyle said immediately, sentencing Curtis to three years’ probation.

    Defense attorney Robert Peterson argued the probation
    condition was not recommended in Curtis’ pre-sentencing investigation report by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, The Journal Times reported.

    Curtis told WDJT-TV he planned to comply with the condition.

    ‘Judges, they make rulings,’ Curtis said, ‘they make them
    kind of hastily. So, if that’s what he feels one of my conditions should be then I’m going to abide by it.’

    The July 2001 Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling affirming
    the probation condition involved a case from Manitowoc County. David Oakley had been charged with seven counts of failing to support his nine children,

    The justices said that Oakley’s constitutional right to
    procreate wasn’t eliminated because he could still reproduce as long as he made child support payments.

    Curtis’ record includes convictions for passing bad checks, criminal damage and burglary.

    Other deadbeat dads have been given similar demands in
    the past.

    In March 2002, a judge ordered Luther Crawford of
    Kentucky, who had 12 children with 11 women, to stop having sex in an effort to keep him from having his 13th child.

    Desmond Hatchett of Tennessee, America’s most infamous
    baby machine, has fathered more than 20 children with 11 women, according to Knoxville News.

    Hatchett has been locked up for the last three years and
    his sentence won’t expire until November 2014.