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State Board of Accounts Says CIB $15 Mil PILOT Violates Indiana Law

Letter from state board of accounts 112912 from Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

  • CircleCityScribe

    …and there you have it!

    Our Mayor wants to raise taxes for the only city agency that’s so flush with money it has tens of millions of dollars to give away to a billionaire who doesn’t even live in Indianapolis. That’s right. While the mayor slashed funding for basic city services, he’s going to make sure that the Capital Improvement Board has every dollar it needs to operate and then some, even if it means raising taxes.

    According to Advance Indiana, Mayor Ballard wants to raise $7 million more in taxes through higher taxes on car rentals and tickets sold for admission to public events. The admissions tax, under Ballard’s proposal, would be increased from 6% to 10% of ticket prices. The tax would apply to all events, not just Colts and Pacer games, as the Star implies in its story. Car rental taxes would be pushed up 2%, raising taxes paid on car rentals from 15% to 17%. Ballard defends the proposed tax increases, claiming they will be primarily paid by visitors to the City, which is the same thing he said when he supported raising the hotel tax three years ago to one of the highest rates in the country, 17%. Food and beverage taxes are also among the highest in the nation at 9%. Indianapolis ranks 8th on the list of the ten worst cities for TAXES on visitors.

    Ballard also unbelievably clings to the notion that crime is dropping in the City (that is commonly called “Straubification,” or “cooking the numbers”) despite evidence to the contrary. In fact, with the smallest police force in modern history getting smaller with attrition, I’m waiting for Ballard to propose renaming our City “South Detroit”, Indiana.

  • Dave

    It’s important that local & state governments reverse the national trend or don’t compete with it; the result being Greece where those earning the equivalent of $55K are being taxed at a 42% rate:


    Anyone think we’re trending otherwise?

  • Dave

    Of “Taker ratios, Greek haircuts & Death spiral states:” http://www.forbes.com/sites/baldwin/2012/11/25/do-you-live-in-a-death-spiral-state/

    Is there a taxpayer friendly, trend reversing public finance scheme, about which we’re unaware; resulting in lower taxes & fees, in real dollars using a common baseline?

    Asset leverage is characteristically private sector business, more subject to abuse than use within the public sector, which does not share the standard of accountability applied to the private sector; the hallmark inconsistency of corruption, kiddie tale goose ‘n gander stuff.

    Overextension of government in every facet of life is only a “savings” to the tyrannic trend of that government; momentarily “freed” from the expense of unconstitutional “enforcement” associated with soldiers in the streets & ultimately quartered in what used to be private property, etc. Historically, is it us by name or the trend that’s “new?”

    Oh, but we’re different because we’re “us,” right?