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Dear John

Marion County Sheriff John Layton is not too happy these days with fellow elected and public safety officials.  Not only did he accuse some of them of playing politics with the Sheriff’s office, but some of being too stupid to figure out public safety.  And to top it off, he put it all down in writing.  Happy reading.

Dear john letter from Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

  • Share Riff

    How ’bout Dem funny items in the department’s budget? Fattening MCSD & starving IMPD through feast & famine funding schemes, that’s not political?

  • CircleCityScribe

    As a taxPAYER, I’d like to know why the Sheriff has motorcycles and bicycles? He’s not serving process with them….

    Like Councillor Freeman pointed out, there is a lot of waste. Why does the Sheriff have motorcycles and bicycles, talk of gettting more office space, and decline to transport prisoners, juveniles, or mental detainees? Why does he have take-home cars when his staff performs no emergency call-out functions?

    Thank goodness we have councillors who can see reality and ask the tough questions!
    BTW what happened with that law suit about the Sheriff’s special deputies making traffic stops they aren’t authorized to make?

  • Stimy

    Why doesn’t he write explaining why he needs deputies out serving arrest warrants that impd does? Has a traffic enforcement unit that impd does? Why not just do his job running the jail, court deputies, and civil processes?