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Dem Maps

Indianapolis City-County Council Democrats Monday night unveiled their version of new district maps, despite the promise of a veto by Mayor Greg Ballard.

Although Republicans drew maps in 2011 and Ballard signed them in 2012, Democrats say the law required the maps to be drawn this year.  Ballard had previously vetoed Democrats’ requests for appropriations for the new maps.

Attorney Bill Groth, who drew the maps, say these maps are closer to the ones drawn by the Indiana Supreme Court back in the early 2000s when then Mayor Bart Peterson and the Republican-controlled Council could not agree on District maps.

Groth says the big difference between this map and the one drawn by Republican attorney David Brooks is that these maps protect incumbents whereas Brooks’ maps had incumbents running against each other in a couple districts.

Groth spoke with Indy Politics and you can hear his comments below.  They run about four minutes total.

Leon-Tailored Audio: Attorney Bill Groth on Proposed Council Maps.

A committee vote is scheduled for the maps Tuesday and another public hearing is set for Wednesday of this week.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leon.dixon.18 Leon Dixon

    So, how much did Mr. Groth charge us for his services? You would think that would be of interest since the other fellow was quite expensive.