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Looks Like Right to Work is Working Right

One of the big questions about Right to Work is would it actually produce any jobs?  It sure looks like it.

According to the  Indiana Chamber of Commerce, since RTW was passed 45 companies have told the state that RTW will factor into their decision-making process in choosing where to relocate.

Out of those 39, 45 are in the pipeline stage and account for more than 4,500 projected new jobs and nearly $900 million in investment.  And just for good measure, 10 companies have have accepted the state’s offer to relocate here, accounting for more than700 new projected jobs and $166 million in new investment.

So who are these new companies?  It’s common knowledge in the industry that most companies won’t go public about relocating over RTW for fear of being hit with an unfair labor practice at the National Labor Relations Board.  However, four did decide to say that RTW played a factor in their decision.

The companies are…

  • Steel Dynamics, Inc. (Pittsboro)
  • Android Industries (Ft. Wayne)
  • Busche (Albion)
  • SealCorpUSA (Evansville)

And there’s more coming.


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