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Lugar Residency Resolved

The Marion County Election Board and U.S. Senator Richard Lugar have reached a settlement that would allow the incumbent to vote in the May 8 primary.

Under a settlement reached just moments ago, Lugar and his wife will re-register to vote at their family farm in Decatur Township.  The Marion County Election Board ruled 2-1 earlier this month that while the Senator was a resident of Indiana, he could not vote at his old address because he had sold his home, despite several legal opinions which Lugar cited that his actions were proper.

Lugar’s attorneys apparently spelled out enough specific facts to show a viable connection to the family farm and Marion County Election Board attorney Andy Mallon agreed.

The two sides were slated to go trial, even to the point that subpoenas had been issued.

Because of the settlement, Marion County Judge Louis Rosenberg dismissed the case.

  • Wilson46201

    That farm is owned by a corporation and has leased out the property to other tenants. Will Dick Lugar now be pitching a sleeping bag under a tree off in some corner to be his official voting address nowadays? Maybe a rental trailer for his sleeping quarters in Indiana?

  • Wilson46201

    does Dick Lugar actually live in that little trailer in Decatur Township for Indiana voting purposes? really?

  • patriot paul

    Lugar has refused previously to claim the family farm as his residency or inhabitancy because he said it would be dishonest because he didn’t live there. Despite his effort to reclaim his address of choice as the one he sold 35 years ago, and his obstinacy to ‘pay’ for new digs, he is now compelled to do what his challenger & tea party wanted: claim a place prior to election. This kind of capitulation is embarrassing and shameful. That’s all that was ever requested in the first place yet he had to go to court and still arrive at the same solution as the one we previously provided to him.

  • M Theory

    I agree.  It is shameful that the people have to take a sitting senator to court to force him to be compliant with the law.

    Only Kings think they are above the laws they legislate that others follow.

  • http://twitter.com/IndyStudent Matthew Stone

    I can just see the ads now. Joe Donnelly is going to send out direct mailers and air television commercials showcasing his family and his Indiana home, and the INDems and SuperPACs will air dark ads, with ominous background music, with news clips of Lugar talking about how “dishonest” and “untruthful” it would be to claim the family farm as a residence.

    It is legal, but he botched the political aspect of it. Badly. And that is a poor showing for someone who has been at this game for over three decades.

  • Me

    Richard Lugar
    Eugene White
    Frank Straub
    All three have no shame!  They should all three just realize how they have screwed things up and leave with what little dignity (if any) they have left.

  • Pogden297

    ‘Lugar’s attorneys apparently spelled out enough specific facts to show a viable connection to the family farm and Marion County Election Board attorney Andy Mallon agreed.”

    Oh, brother.  I don’t know when I’ve ever seen such spin. 

  • M Theory

    Me either.

  • Rico

    This once-great statesman now looks like a little man who feels like this seat belongs to him, not the people. He must be beat BEFORE November. 

  • Clutch Cargo

    I heard they are going to turn the Lugar farm into a safari park, because its now the address of world’s largest RINO.

  • Turk182

    One should go back in history and look at the ads Lugar ran against the then honorable Senator Birch Byah in 1976.
    Lugar’s theme was Senator Byah didn’t own a home in Indiana.
    Lugar ran on this a won even though Byah did have property here.
    Typical Lugar hypocrisy!
    Did I mention Lugar voted for conformation of all the sitting Surpreme Court Justices!

  • joneaster

    He’s now my neighbor!

  • Buzzy Whitlow

    We have branded Charlie White a felon because he voted from his prior address for 6 months.  So why is it OK for Lugar to do the same thing for 33 years??

  • Pascal

    Pascal is wiping tears of mirth from his face having observed the gnashing of teeth and the stamping of tiny feet over the mindless having lost about the only issue they believed they understood.  Do they really think that Senator McCain would have appointed quality people to the SC?  Palin would have but the people of Indiana selected Obama for this job and so did the Nation.  Borking is a pejorative term referring to low lives like Leahy and Kennedy.  Obama has appointed qualified personnel to the SC.  Do any of the mindless disagree?  Not that it matters for the above reason that they lost the election.  

  • Think Again

    I don’t remember it that way.  And I supported Sen. Bayh.

  • Think Again

    I think I agree.  But I’m a little dizzy.

  • Turk182

     Just in name only, he lives in Virginia.
    I wonder how the Lugar’s submit their tax returns?
    Do they pay Virginia Taxes or Indiana Taxes?
    I would like to see the address on their Federal returns?
    I ain’t no taxman, but maybe this can of worms goes deeper than we thought!
    If the Lugar’s put Indiana on the forms is that tax fraud,
    or vice-versa?

    Wonder what the IRS would do If I did this?

  • Dave

    When members of the GA or CCC fail to recuse themselves from votes on which they have conflicts (embedded self interests, etc.), folks are rightfully concerned.  A ritual “judicial,” by justice pagan?  How did Americans get all this “government” they don’t recall voting for?

    Between enemies, it’s said, to the victor go the spoils.  If Americans have been philosophically / spiritually dissolved, or reduced to the enemy status of irreconcilable political divisions, we live in a state of war.  

    America’s disunity has been politicized & posterized as an O’Dentity Crisis.  Yes, according to Indiana’s patron saint of the O’Eight campaign, St. Joseph County; the curent Penns Ave occupant “won” Indiana.

  • Think Again

    Now I get it.  Dave and Pascal are the same person, righit?

  • Rico

    As are Think Again and Ramon?

  • Ramon

    I have never met Think Again.  At least, I don’t think I have as I do not know his true identity.

  • Ramon

    Daily Kos has a posting questioning how Lugar could even own a farm in a rustic area in the city of Indianapolis.  They mentioned there is a Dominos Pizza less than a mile away.  Jon,  maybe you should do some education with them on Marion County geography.

  • Dave

    Separated at birth, joined in mirth…

  • Think Again

    That’s funny.

    I just wish you were joined in literary brevity.

  • Scooter

     Federal office vs. state office.

    Big difference.

  • Think Again

    Ultimately, the US Senate (and House) are the ultimate judges of their members’ qualifications.

  • Scooter

     Nope.  That type of belief is why all 500+  of those clowns go bug-nuts in DC.

    We The People, We the Voter, We The Taxpayer, We The Legal Citizen are the judge of their qualifications, their abilities & their tenure.

    If you wish to hand over your ‘control’ of what happens in the US Government to a few…. take yourself back across the pond to the land of kings, queens & other royal inbreeding.

  • Scooter

     “… little dizzy.”  ?????

  • Ramon

    “We” didn’t brand him.  A jury of his peers branded him a felon.

  • Buzzy Whitlow

     The issue is VOTING, the individual citizen kind.  I have worked the polls–you have 30 days to update your address after you move.  They were both wrong, but Lugar’s using the old address for 33 years is much more egregious.

  • Dave


  • Dave

    Ignoring political inconvenience must be a requirement of the medi-ain’t “coverage” of the present-dunce: www.wnd.com/2012/04/hollywood-producer-heard-bill-clinton-say-obama-ineligible/

  • RAM

    One question is “does he live there?” 
    The other, more important, one is “is he all there?”

  • Rico

    Uh….ever hear of the Constitution?  Oh, I forgot.  Any fan of Barry’s wipes his ass with the Constitution.

  • Starzstripez

    Glad this is settled. I mean, legally he is just fine. Administratively, he could use some fine-tuning. Here’s an ad that shows how things are really working in this race: